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Chicago summit offers K-12 administrators timely solutions to tough challenges

Based on the success of SDE's annual Administrator Summit in Las Vegas, this one-day, high-intensity Summit brings together an all-star team of educational thought leaders to help K-12 superintendents, principals, assistant principals, and other administrators meet the most pressing challenges they face—right now.

Schools and the new Jim Crow

As Rethinking Schools began to explore the school-to-prison pipeline, we searched for a construct that would help us understand how the criminalization of youth fits into the larger social picture.

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Philadelphia's noontime aides face elimination

Largely invisible to the public, these workers help create a climate in which students feel supported but also accountable.

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Chicago Public Schools new pension headache

After Illinois lawmakers rejected a plan for Chicago Public Schools to delay pension payments, the District’s budget problems may have gone from bad to worse.

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Minnesota pulls in $300 million tax windfall; schools stand to gain

Stronger-than-expected tax collections have left the state with an extra $300 million that could even grow before the fiscal period closes June 30. That is allowing the state to fully replenish its reserves and pay down money it still owes local school districts.

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Tulsa School Board votes to move students around in response to crowding

The Tulsa school board on Monday approved a series of facility-repurposing proposals and boundary changes for 2013-14, including the creation of a McLain seventh-grade center and a centralized enrollment center.

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Richmond School Board votes to close three schools

The Richmond School Board voted 5-4 Monday night to close Clark Springs Elementary School, the Adult Career Development Center and the Norrell pre-school center.

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Disparities in some Colorado teacher evaluations draw fire

Results were mixed at campuses throughout the school district as principals completed the first round of teacher evaluations under a new system that ties pay raises to the ratings.

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Girls are being left out of New York City schools' high-tech revolution

Only about one in four students in many of the public schools’ top tech programs is a girl, a statistic that mirrors women’s participation in tech jobs nationwide.

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Former Baltimore Schools IT chief indicted for kickback scheme

A Georgia grand jury has charged former Baltimore schools information technology chief Jerome Oberlton with seven counts of fraud and other charges related to his tenure with Atlanta Public Schools, during which he and a co-conspirator allegedly took $60,000 in kickbacks and Oberlton's private IT companies took bribes for awarding $700,000 to a contractor.

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