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Charter-School Amendment Not about Charter Schools

According to its backers, the proposed charter-school amendment on the ballot in November is intended to empower parents. As Gov. Nathan Deal put it back in May, “Georgians all across this state embrace the idea that parents should have more options and that parents should be more involved in the process of the education of their children.”

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Follett Challenge Returns to Reward Innovative Schools

The Follett Challenge, which awarded $100,000 worth of Follett products and services to six K-12 schools a year ago, is returning with the prize money doubled and a new focus looking to reward top-notch educators who are aligning their curriculum to teach 21st century learning skills.

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Oil-boom Wealth a Mixed Blessing for Eagle Ford’s School Districts

Million-dollar homes and leafy boulevards once were the surest sign that you lived in a rich Texas school district. Now add drilling rigs, dusty roads and overnight trailer parks.

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Baltimore City Schools Hires Test Security Company to Alleviate Cheating

The Baltimore school system has hired a leading data forensics company to review thousands of state assessment results dating to 2009 — a third-party analysis that school officials say is needed to inject fairness into investigations of alleged cheating.

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Schools Should Prepare for Allergies

In a typical classroom of 20 children, one is likely to have a food allergy that could cause a severe reaction. And one in six children with a food allergy will have his or her first allergic reaction at school.

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Calif. Illegal Immigrants Ask for School Records

Thousands of Los Angeles illegal immigrants have inundated the nation's second-largest school district for copies of records that might qualify them for the Obama administration's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

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Classes Resumed Monday at Lake Forest High School -- Without Teachers

Lake Forest High School, despite a teachers strike, was planning to reopen school Monday with administrators, substitute teachers and community volunteers offering students a variety of educational programs, parents were told during a meeting Sunday.

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A Superintendent’s Look at the Chicago Teacher Strike

Longtime school superintendent Randall Collins, Executive Director of the District Administration Leadership Institute, shares professional insights on the Chicago teacher strike with Odvard Egil Dyrli, District Administration’s executive editor.

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Chicago Public Schools Fails to Get Court Order Ending Teachers Strike

Lawyers for Chicago Public Schools lost their case of a temporary restraining order which would have immediately ended the teachers strike. Judge Peter Flynn did not agree to hold a hearing on the matter today, instead suggesting the case be heard on Wednesday. But the judge questioned if the legal issues wouldn't be moot if the strike is over by then, according to Roderick Drew, a spokesman for the city's Law Department.

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If Chicago Teachers Say No...

On Friday, Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis sounded ebullient when she announced that the union had reached a tentative deal with Chicago Public Schools officials.

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