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Ky. Education Officials Defend Test Data to Board

Some Kentucky board of education members asked Wednesday whether the goals set by the state are high enough to lift up low-performing schools.

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Healthy Steps Forward

Dannon Institute and District Administration have teamed up to provide important information on school wellness policies and improving student health.

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Children’s Physical Activity Guidelines

Dr. Gregory Welk communicates the necessity of daily physical activity for children, provides guidelines for meeting daily activity requirements, and discusses the positive correlation between physical activity and classroom learning.

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Geovisual analytics is revolutionizing district decision-making.

Find out how this new technology can inform your most important decisions. View the on-demand presentation.

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State Overpaid Omaha (Neb.) Public Schools by $6.3M Last Year

The Omaha Public Schools last year accidentally asked for too much money, and the state mistakenly obliged.

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Chicago Public Schools' Experiment With Common Core State Standards Sees Positive Result

As a guinea pig in a nationwide experiment, Chicago's Philip D. Armour Elementary School is seeing drastic improvements in student performance.

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Miami-Dade Teachers Union Chief Won’t Seek Another Term

United Teachers of Dade President Karen Aronowitz is announcing Monday that she will not seek a fourth term at the helm of the union, which represents some 21,000 teachers and 11,000 other school employees in Miami-Dade.

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Judge Deals a Setback to Louisiana’s Voucher Program

Last January, Gov. Bobby Jindal took the oath of office for his second term, declaring in his inauguration speech that anyone who stood in the way of his education reform efforts “must stand down.” On Friday, a judge in Baton Rouge said, in effect: not so fast.

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Keeping Fighting in the Ring and Out of Schools

At age 16, Rob McCullough walked into an LA Boxing gym for the first time. The teen had left home, moving from one friend's couch to another, and now finally felt like he found a place where he belonged.

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