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Kajeet Helps to Close Broadband Access Gap for Fairfax County Schools

A program designed to address the need for off-campus Internet connectivity, FCPS students are able to borrow (or check out, similar to a library book) a Kajeet SmartSpot™, a portable Wi-Fi hotspot enabling access to school-approved, online resources outside the classroom.

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REI Celebrates 75th Anniversary

To celebrate the milestone, REI has planned a number of special activities throughout 2013 for customers, employees and friends. REI and the Hays family are honored to celebrate 75 years in business. They are thankful for their loyal customers and look forward to supporting the industry for many more decades.

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PlattForm to Sponsor the Best Practices and Great Ideas Conference

Since its founding, The Pacific Institute has been empowering individuals to achieve their full potential through higher education. For a decade, leaders from various private institutions across the United States have come together at the Best Practices and Great Ideas Conference to share their expert insights, opinions and best practices to help private schools succeed.

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BRAIN Initiative May Explain Effectiveness of Best Brain-Training Tools

The BRAIN Initiative announced this week by President Barack Obama has underscored the importance of better understanding brain-behavior relationships and holds potential for deeper knowledge of the mechanisms involved in the development of the cognitive skills involved in learning and thinking.

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Tools4ever’s Automates the User Account Management Process

Tools4ever, the worldwide market leader in identity and access management solutions with more than five million user accounts, announced today that several secondary schools and universities have implement the company’s identity and access management solutions during the first quarter of 2013 to automate their account management procedures and improve access and security of their internal solutions.


Making sense of blended learning

The principles of successful digital integration into classroom instruction are at work in Wade King Elementary School

Fighting Student Obesity with ‘Fat Letters’

Controversy over so-called “fat letters” mailed from district offices to parents, informing them if they have an overweight, healthy weight or underweight child, is erupting across the nation.

How Digital Literacy is the Foundation of Academic Success

Attend our web seminar to learn how to teach the digital skills that will help students achieve in every academic subject.

With Money and Help Pouring In, Buffalo Schools Must Show Results

Here is the conundrum facing Buffalo Public Schools: The district is receiving record levels of support from the public and private sectors, but the needle is hardly moving on its performance.

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Schools Have Become Triage Centers for Civilized Conduct, which Should Have Been Taught At Home

Some students come from homes that are conducive to learning, and they do well in school; others don’t come from such homes and, with few exceptions, do poorly.

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