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Three Educational Apps for Apple Devices from Super Duper

Super Duper Publications has added three educational Fun Deck mobile apps for Apple devices — Listening for Absurdities, What Does Miss Bee See, and What Doesn’t Belong — to its growing number of titles available in the iTunes App Store.

United Township Is First Ill. District to Use Performance Matters Assessment and Data Management System

Grappling with decreased local and state revenue and new, more rigorous learning standards for math and English language arts, Illinois school districts are seeking innovative ways to increase their efficiency as they strive to improve student performance. One system that is making it easier to meet rigorous requirements while saving time for school and district staff is Performance Matters, a web-based solution that provides an integrated platform for student assessment, data management and teacher effectiveness.

Startup Duolingo Taps Power of Crowds to Make Learning Language Free

Learning a new language is tedious and demands a lot of practice. Luis von Ahn doesn’t want all that effort to be wasted. In fact, it might be a gold mine. Von Ahn, a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon University, is the co-creator of Duolingo, a free language-­learning site that turns students into an online workforce. His software uses their answers to simple exercises in a translation service that he expects to charge money for.

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Calif. Principal Put Struggling School on New Path

Maria Lewis spends much of her day on bent knee.

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5 States to Increase Class Time in Some Schools

Open your notebooks and sharpen your pencils.

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High School Obesity Rate Drops in Miss. Students

Mississippi's obesity rate in high school students has dropped, knocking the state's teens out of the number one spot down to number five in obesity nationwide.

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Emotional Parents Add to the Complexity of Special Education in Fla.

Seven times during the meeting last year, Hillsborough School Board members used the word blackmail.

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D.C. Program Ties Teacher Salaries to Student Test Scores

Parents and school boards across the country are debating whether to offer bonuses to teachers whose students do well on standardized tests.

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Wis. Largest Teachers Unions Agree to Consider Merging

The state’s two largest teachers unions will formally discuss a merger after the Wisconsin Education Association Council voted to do so at a special assembly in Madison over the weekend.

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Wash. Officials Say Many Questions Unanswered About Charters

School districts will need to share local levy money with any charter school that opens in their service area, but it's not clear how much.

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