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South San Francisco school district hires superintendent

The California district has chosen Shawnterra Moore, associate superintendent of educational services and categorical programs, as its new superintendent. She replaces Alejandro Hogan, who left the district for an assistant superintendent position with the Napa Valley USD.

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State officials want public feedback on school report cards

The Virginia Department of Education is surveying parents and other members of the public to find out what information and features should be added to the performance report cards the department publishes for schools and school divisions.

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Ohio’s rural schools are online leaders on state tests

A state survey found that 71 percent of more than 600 school districts administered both online and paper/pencil state tests. Twenty-four percent of Ohio's 231 rural schools tested all their students online, the largest rate among any category of districts.

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Report: Ban on junk food in Mass. schools is working

Before Massachusetts' new rules on soft drinks and other products offered outside the standard lunch menu went into effect in 2012, only 13 percent of foods in middle schools met the standards, a study found. One year later, that number rose to 69 percent.

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Association offers relief to schools asked to give home-schooled students athletic eligibility

Confusion continues over the intent and the impact of a new state law allowing home-school students the opportunity to play high school sports for their local public schools. The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association is granting temporary state relief for determining the process for verifying interscholastic athletics participation requirements.

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Georgia school system settles prayer-in-school case

As part of an out-of-court settlement, the Hall County School District will provide First Amendment training to its staff and its insurance carrier is negotiating the payment of legal fees to a group that sued the school system over the role of prayer and Christianity in athletics programs.

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Illinois school district forms dual language task force

School District 308 officials are preparing for the first meeting of a dual language task force, which is likely to look at revamping the program and how the program fits with other language offerings.

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Body cameras in schools spark privacy, policy discussions

Education leaders are figuring out how to create effective policies for administrators who will wear body cameras around campus. Privacy advocates and parents have been particularly concerned about who has access to student data, how long it's kept and whether it's secure.

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New internet service and digital media solutions debuted

The broadband satellite solutions and services provider launched a comprehensive suite of offerings to help meet the needs of the K16 education market, including high-speed satellite internet access, digital signage, distance learning and managed Wi-Fi solutions.

Go ahead given for $2.7 million in improvements for Calif. district

Through its work with NORESCO, an energy efficiency and energy infrastructure solutions provider, Santa Barbara USD has received state approval of its five-year energy expenditure plan and Proposition 39 funding to upgrade building systems at 13 schools.