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Dr. Seuss e-books offered for school library lending

The children’s book series by Dr. Seuss is now available for libraries and schools in the U.S. and Canada through digital media platform OverDrive. Forty titles in open industry standard EPUB3 digital format will be offered on a one-copy per-user basis in OverDrive Read, OverDrive’s browser-based reader.

Web-based calendar company bought by eSchoolView

eSchoolView acquired DynaCal, a national web-based calendar and facility management software company. DynaCal's web-based calendaring and facility scheduling system functions from a public point of view. It also has a work order management component that can be used internally between departments.

Class action lawsuit against K12 Inc. dismissed

A federal court has struck down a class action securities lawsuit against virtual education provider K12 Inc. because the allegations failed to show K12 or its officers made any false or misleading statements to the market.

California district launches health care simulations

Oakland USD will launch a series of interactive health care simulations for high school students. Toolwire co-created the multi-episode Healthcare Experience and Real World Training LearnScape with subject matter experts from OUSD and input from students at Life Academy of Health and Bioscience in Oakland.

Rigorous teaching needed in N.J.'s low-performing schools

We must truly engage and challenge our students if we expect them to stay in school and eventually earn their wings to productive adulthood. If we do nothing else, we should demand that teachers in historically low-achieving districts are better than good. They have to be amazing, and they need to lose the worksheets and remedial work.

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School nutrition impacts our future national security

The foods and beverages that are served in Alabama's schools today could have a direct impact on our future national security. That's the leading message in a new report from Mission: Readiness. Obesity is the leading medical reason why 75 percent of young, eligible Alabama residents cannot qualify for military service.

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Local schools sue New Jersey for preschool, more funding

New Jersey should be required to provide more school aid and universal preschool for 16 mostly poor, rural districts, attorneys representing the districts argued in court. The Education Law Center said the districts are unable to provide an adequate education to their students due to cuts in state funding.

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LAUSD among first of large districts to switch to antibiotic-free chicken

The Los Angeles district announced a new antibiotic-free standard for chicken products supplied to its schools, making it among the first of the country's large school districts to make the switch. The new standards will require that all chicken products must be produced under a USDA Process Verified Program.

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Tennessee county school board backs expansive building plan

Rutherford County Schools officials adopted a $234.63 million building plan that is expected to eliminate 57 of the 146 portables classrooms currently in use. A new elementary school building will be built by the start of the 2016-17 school year if the county commission funds the plan.

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Board discusses suing Recovery School District to stop new school openings

In Louisiana, the Orleans Parish School Board is considering suing the Recovery School District (RSD) to prevent it from reopening shuttered schools. Board members contend that opening new schools is within only their purview. They say the RSD was established to take over and improve failing schools.

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