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Superintendent named to head Arizona district's nine schools

The Sierra Vista USD's board has approved a new superintendent from within for the district. Kriss Hagerl has worked for the district for more than 25 years, most recently serving as Interim Superintendent.

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Competing views of teacher tenure are on display in California case

For more than two months, lawyers have been arguing in state court over whether California’s laws governing teacher tenure, firing and layoffs violate students’ constitutional right to an education. By the beginning of July, a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge will deliver the first legal ruling on the case.

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Two new programs debuted by Scholastic

Scholastic launched two new education programs for global markets. Scholastic Literacy Pro is a digital reading comprehension assessment program for elementary through high school students while PR1ME Mathematics is a mathematics proficiency program for grades 1 through 6.

Stronger bullying law should help schools

While the state law about bullying in public schools has been strengthened, the new Safe and Supportive Minnesota Schools Act is only a start. Whether schools live up to the act’s name will be driven by the standards and guidelines put forth, how districts apply them and who is held accountable through this approach.

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Foreign educational practices: Give the kids a break, mate!

Many proponents of educational reform believe we should look elsewhere for inspiration as the American system of a traditional nine-month calendar supposedly impedes learning. However, if we changed to year-round school and extended day schedules tomorrow, things would not change—and will not—until we recognize we are all in this business of helping children learn.

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South Florida district snuffs out all outdoor smoking

Broward County gave initial approval to a policy that would prevent tobacco products on any school property, even outdoors or while parked inside a car. The current policy allows district employees and parents to smoke in designated areas.

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Ohio city asked to reduce out-of-school suspensions

Racial Justice Now is calling upon the Dayton district to reduce out-of-school suspensions, citing that the district's suspensions rate is four times higher than the state average. In addition, the community activist group said there is a racial disparity, with black students being suspended more often than other students for the same behavior.

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Antwan Wilson to be new Oakland, Calif., superintendent

The Oakland USD has nominated Antwan Wilson as its new superintendent. Wilson, currently an assistant superintendent with the Denver Public Schools, will take over the 46,000-student district from the acting superintendent, Dr. Gary Yee.

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Group seeks charter school for Indiana juvenile center

A new charter—linked to the Marion County Juvenile Detention Center—is being proposed to give troubled youths a better chance to succeed academically. The Alternatives in Education nonprofit is also proposing the Public Safety Academy charter for students interested in police, firefighting and homeland security careers.

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Dress codes: Where should schools set limits?

Some schools have banned leggings outright. Others have set limits. It might seem a reasonable enough request at a time when school dress codes are common and often supported by teachers and administrators. But how far is too far? And do schools sometimes go too far in pushing back?

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