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Bill to return Recovery School District charters fails in House

The Louisiana House voted down a bill that would have mandated the immediate return to Orleans Parish of all schools that had been in the Recovery system for at least five years and were no longer failing. The Recovery School District took over 80 percent of New Orleans public schools after Hurricane Katrina.

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Children should learn through play

In many schools, formal education now starts at age 4 or 5. But a growing group of scientists, education researchers and educators say there is little evidence that this approach improves long-term achievement; in fact, it may have the opposite effect, potentially slowing emotional and cognitive development, causing unnecessary stress and perhaps even souring kids’ desire to learn.

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Asthma intervention can lead to fewer school absences

Greater communication between school nurses and families on how to manage asthma could help reduce the number of school absences for children afflicted with the chronic disease, according to preliminary data from an ongoing study in Connecticut.

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Dothan school board chooses Charles Ledbetter as new superintendent

Alabama's Dothan City school district has hired Charles Ledbetter as the new school superintendent. He is currently serving as the superintendent for Georgia's Dublin City Schools.

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Jennifer Brown accepts position as Michigan district's next superintendent

Cadillac High School Assistant Principal Jennifer Brown will lead the Cadillac school district as its next superintendent. She will replace current Superintendent Jo Spry, who is resigning from the position at the end of the school year.

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Writing app released by Awesome Stories

AwesomeStoryBuilder enables students and teachers to author their own stories, reports, papers and curriculum units on the Awesome Stories publishing platform. The 3500 story guides and 100,000 primary sources are aligned to Common Core and state subject standards.

Mayor struggles to avoid failing grade for Chicago Public Schools

Chicago's city and school district ratings were pushed to below investment grade. The amount of money the district spends annually on debt has increased by 50 percent to $468 million since 2009. At this rate, the district could face rapid cash burn and an eventual liquidity crisis, pushing it to make cuts to the classroom that are desperately needed.

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Florida's math assessments won’t factor into final school grades

The state is eliminating the requirement of some math assessments from the final course grades, citing a lack of independently verified statewide assessment results. Districts will need to calculate final course grades and make promotion decisions without regard to the 30 percent statutory requirement.

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Panel votes to drop Maine's Smarter Balanced school test

After its debut year, Maine appears to be on the path to dumping its new statewide test meant to measure what students have learned. The Legislature’s Education and Cultural Affairs Committee voted to end the state’s membership in the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.

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Bill would take state board out of Alabama's new charter school law

Last week, the state Board of Education declined to appoint a new Alabama Public Charter School Commission, as called for in the law. Only two months after Alabama's charter school law was passed, another bill has been introduced to take the state board out of the process.

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