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More guns in schools is not the answer

Putting more guns in classrooms is not the solution to gun violence in schools. A better solution would be for schools to let the police handle the business of public safety and let teachers handle the business of teaching.

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Normandy parents sue over school transfer changes

In Missouri, a group of Normandy school district parents have filed suit over recent changes to student attendance rules that limit the number of pupils who can transfer to better-performing schools in other districts.

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Texas charter face closure for improper financial management

Prime Prep Academy, the Texas charter school co-founded by Deion Sanders, faces closure for improper financial management and not complying with state education code. The Texas Education Agency intends to revoke the open-enrollment charter of Uplift Fort Worth, the parent organization of two Prime Prep campuses in Dallas and Fort Worth.

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Judge orders Ohio to sponsor charter school

VLT Academy, a 600-student charter school in Pendleton, will remain open next year thanks to a judge's ruling. The judge is forcing the Ohio Department of Education to sponsor the school next year, thereby saving it from closure.

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North Carolina school begins year-round pilot program

An Asheville City elementary school will began school again very soon as part of a new year-round pilot program. If the pilot program is successful, other Asheville City schools are expected to go to the year-round calendar.

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College graduates don't always out-earn high school grads

At every level short of graduate school, there’s a not-insignificant chance that a successful high-school graduate will out-earn you. None of this suggests that motivated students shouldn’t go to college, especially if they’re committed to finishing. A degree is still a good bet and technology rewards education more than ever.

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Kansas educators considered school bill vote when endorsing candidates

After months of saying teachers would show their discontent with the Legislature at the polls, Kansas' largest teachers union endorsed a slate of candidates for the Kansas House. The Legislature had linked a provision that ended state-mandated hearings before public school teachers can be fired to a Supreme Court-ordered fix for school funding.

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Fuel Up breakfast grant program kicks off

General Mills Foodservice and National Dairy Council are partnering again to help K12 schools expand their breakfast programs by offering Fuel Up Breakfast Grants. Schools that participate in the National School Breakfast Program and are enrolled in the Fuel Up to Play 60 program are eligible for the grant program.

Missouri governor rejects bill that would arm teachers

Gov. Jay Nixon has vetoed Senate Bill 656. The bill would have allowed districts to designate teachers or school administrators as "school protection officers." They would be allowed to carry concealed firearms in school buildings and classrooms.

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Rolling out blended learning

Blended and online learning platforms are changing K12 pedagogy by providing students with some control over their path, time, pace and place of learning. Here are seven main considerations for rolling out a successful blended learning platform.