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Washington loses bid to avoid sending out failing school letters

Washington state won’t get a pass this summer on telling parents that their kids attend failing schools, the federal government says. The U.S. Department of Education has denied Washington’s request to be exempted from that particular requirement of the federal No Child Left Behind Act since the state lost its waiver from the federal law.

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Florida school district opens first dedicated wellness center

The 5,000 employees of Leon County's school district, one of the larger employers in North Florida, will now have their first wellness center on Lively Technical School's campus. Funds for the building and equipment came from the stored Florida Blue dollars in order to save taxpayer money.

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New Calif. law restricts full-contact football practice for high school teams

A newly signed law in California will prohibit football teams at middle and high schools from holding full-contact practices that exceed 90 minutes a day, limit the number of full-contact practices during the season to two per week and prohibit contact practices during the off-season. The restrictions, which take effect January 1, 2015, are designed to help reduce concussions and other serious brain injuries.

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My Brother’s Keeper initiative gets over $100 million boost

Six months since the launch of My Brother’s Keeper — the president’s effort to address the state of young minority men — Obama announced new partnerships with public and private groups to the tune of about $104 million, including many high school outreach programs.

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STAR Center announces two social awareness programs

STAR (Sensory Therapies And Research) Center launched two new programs for children who would benefit from therapeutic activities geared to improve social cognition and awareness.

New assistant superintendent chosen for Illinois district

Community Consolidated School District 181 has imported another superintendent from the Troy Community Consolidated School District. Former Troy Director of Operations Ken Surma has accepted a position at District 181 as its assistant superintendent of information services and operations. He will rejoin District 181's Superintendent Don White, who was the Troy superintendent until resigning in May.

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How tests make us smarter

Tests have a bad reputation in education circles these days. But the truth is that, used properly, testing as part of an educational routine provides an important tool not just to measure learning, but to promote it.

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Virginia district superintendent leaving for statewide position

Billy Haun is leaving his position as assistant superintendent for student learning at Albemarle County Public Schools for a post as the state’s chief academic officer. He will manage the state education department’s instruction division for pre-K through 12 and programs that emphasize college and career readiness.

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Chad Allaman will start new job as Illinois county's superintendent

Chad Allaman, currently the District 51 superintendent, will begin as District 50's superintendent about a month later than planned. August 1 is the final day in District 50 for departing Superintendent Patrick Martin.

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Rourke Educational Media to launch amazing animals book series

A new eight-title series, Close-Up on Amazing Animals, will be released in fall 2014 by Rourke Educational Media. Students will explore the unique adaptations and relationships that help animals survive in the wild.