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Nation at Risk Update: Thirty Years Later, Little Has Changed

A new report finds three decades of reform has improved little.

Blackboard Collaborate

To change the way teachers teach today’s active learners, we must change the way teachers learn using the learning technologies and media already embraced by their students, such as Blackboard Collaborate.

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Mont. Governor Needs to Veto Sex Education Bill

The bill would require school districts to obtain written permission from parents prior to students attending “a course of instruction, a class period, an assembly, an organized school function, or instruction of any type that involves human sexual education, human sexuality issues, or information regarding sexual acts.”

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Improving Our Children's Education Through Collaboration

Every year, 1.2 million students drop out of high school. Among those who do graduate, one-third need remedial courses in college and far too few actually earn a degree. Many national organizations, including United Way, are focused on changing these odds, and one of the keys to success is to support effective teaching. In fact, students who have the benefit of effective teaching can learn up to an entire grade level more each year than their counterparts.

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Aventa Learning

See how the Aventa curriculum can help improve student achievement, expand your course catalog, avoid costly textbook replacement and offer scheduling flexibility.

Challenges of managing absenteeism in K-12

View the archive edition to find out about the real costs of manually managed absenteeism, and how automated systems can improve efficiency, productivity and the bottom line.

New Products

The latest in software, hardware, books & materials, facilities and the internet.

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El Rancho (Calif.) Bond Funds, School Repairs Still Waiting

There are holes under the roof of the girls weight room at El Rancho High School and birds fly in and leave droppings on the floor, the wooden floor of the boys weight room is in splinters and has to be covered with rubber mats, the science and culinary arts rooms are antiquated, and parts of the girls locker room are covered in mold, the Daily News observed on a visit to the school on April 4.

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Avon (Ohio) Considers Two Designs for New School

The 160,000 square-foot building will have 45 classrooms and 12 laboratories. The double-decker school also will house a multi-purpose room, multiple music and art rooms, two gymnasiums, a large cafeteria, spacious hallways, a football field on site, and two driveways for students, staff and parents.

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Portland Public Schools Proposes Adding 66 Positions in Budget Proposal

Portland Public Schools Superintendent Carole Smith on Monday proposed adding 66 staff positions -- a big share of them art teachers -- in a "relatively stable" 2013-14 budget propped up by increased state funding and a city-wide arts income tax.

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