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America's Schools: Graduation Rates Are Better Than You Think

The discussion about education reform should shift from widespread condemnation to a more targeted, nuanced conversation.

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Miss. House Passes Charter Schools Act of 2013

The House on Tuesday passed a charter schools bill 62-56 with, oddly, no debate or questions on House Bill 369, the "Charter Schools Act of 2013."

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ESFI Announces Spring 2013 Fire & Electric Safety Education Initiative

Few people are aware of the risks of fire and electrical hazards among children and their families. Records indicate that in 2011, U.S. Fire Departments responded to a fire on average every 23 seconds and more than 370,000 home structure fires were reported.

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Making the Grade in Camden Schools

The state takeover of public schools in New Jersey’s poorest city, Camden, last week is a move long overdue and presents a new opportunity for the local educational system to reinvent itself.

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Colorado Senate Grants Final Approval to Bill to Overhaul How Schools Are Funded

A sweeping overhaul to how Colorado funds schools has won final approval in the state Senate on a party-line vote.

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Portland (Ore.) Public Schools Disciplines Minority Groups at Higher Rates than White Students

Portland Public Schools continues to discipline African American, American Indian and Latino students at higher rates than their white and Asian peers, according to data presented to the school board on Monday.

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Teachers to Vote on 'Confidence' in L.A. Schools Supt. Deasy

Members of the L.A. teachers union begin casting ballots Tuesday in a symbolic confidence-vote referendum on L.A. schools Supt. John Deasy.

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Students Lobby Lawmakers to Support Charter Schools

The charter school movement has former Sens. Jim Horne and Al Lawson making the rounds in the Capitol. But its most effective lobbyists may be the 300 or so students in Tallahassee on Tuesday.

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NRA Schools Report Suggests Training Staff in Weapons

The National Rifle Association's National School Shield project released a series of recommendations Tuesday it says will help keep schools safer, including a training program for teachers and other school staff who want to carry a firearm.

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Helios Partners with SRI International to Create Center for Digital Learning

The Center will create a portfolio of digital learning projects to enhance student achievement in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).