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Online Program Improves N.C. Readers

Data show Raleigh County Schools’ students are reading better through individualized online learning programs.

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Mich. School CEO Pay Varies

As CEO of Michigan’s second-largest school district, Utica Community Schools Superintendent Christine Johns oversees the education of almost 29,000 students, supervises a workforce of nearly 3,950 employees and is responsible for a $267 million annual budget.

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Old Buildings Pose Challenge in Pa.

Empty schools can harm neighborhoods, attract illegal activities and be costly to seal, maintain and insure.

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Race to Top Grants Not Worth Costs, Ohio Officials Say

Requirements tied to federal Race to the Top education grants have become more work than the money is worth, some Ohio school districts say.

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Md. Considers Later Start for High Schools

It is 6:45 a.m. and Severna Park High School freshman Chelsea Rogers has a decision to make: skip the most important meal of the day or skip the school bus.

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Immigration Costs Miami-Dade Schools $22 Million a Year

As lawmakers in Washington consider changes to immigration laws, Miami-Dade public school officials want them to know just how much their policies are taxing South Florida’s classrooms.

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Driver's Ed: How the DMV Could Make Teens Learn About Money

As a parent, I would never dream of handing my car keys to a teenager who hasn't first completed a driver's education class.

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School Districts to State - Ohio Needs Stable Funding

Last month, Gov. John Kasich made waves with his school-funding proposal. The waves have not ceased ... and local districts are still bobbing up and down in rather deep troughs.

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Workforce Ready from Kronos

Manage essential workforce information in one platform – with one employee record and one simple user interface.

25 Big Ideas About Online Learning in 25 Minutes

A panel of experts weighs in on what you need to know before implementing blended or online learning.