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Dr. Julia Espe Could be Princeton’s Superintendent of Schools

The Princeton Board of Education met in special session Tuesday night to determine the future of the school district’s leadership plan. The agenda for the meeting, posted Friday, March 1, states that the school board will discuss and act on offering the permanent superintendent position to Espe. That came a day after an original posting, stating that the board will discuss and act on extending Espe’s current contract as interim superintendent.

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New Jersey Superintendent Plans to Reshape Montclair Schools

Eight new positions will be created to focus on teacher effectiveness and come with a price tag of more than $800,000 in 2013-2014, but the overall school budget is down 3.3 percent from this year's.

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Create collaborative virtual workspaces to provide 21st century education.

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Tablet Integration Takes Hold in School

Here are some tips from two district leaders who have successfully undergone the change to those considering a move to tablets.

Workforce Ready from Kronos

Manage essential workforce information in one platform – with one employee record and one simple user interface.

TipSoft for Education

Allows students to confidentially share bullying and other safety issues with administrators through Web, SMS, and Android or Apple iOS mobile applications.

25 Big Ideas About Online Learning in 25 Minutes

A panel of experts weighs in on what you need to know before implementing blended or online learning.

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Schools Sensitive to Guns Target Child's Play

Critics say it is an overreaction to children who are just kidding. But after shootings like the Newtown, Conn., massacre, school leaders are taking tougher approaches.

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Ore. District Expects More Cuts Despite State Increase in Ed. Funding

The legislative proposal relies on $200 million in PERS reform. If that doesn't happen or is held up in court, Hillsboro will slash another $3.7 million from next school year's budget, said Adam Stewart, chief financial officer.

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Parents Upset As Pa. District Considers Closing Elementary School

The school board listened to a number of concerned parents and North Braddock community members who don’t want to see the students have to be bussed out of the area to attend other schools.

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