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25 Big Ideas About Online Learning in 25 Minutes

A panel of experts weighs in on what you need to know before implementing blended or online learning.

Reclaiming the Future for Students at Risk

New approaches to dropout prevention.

Big District Wi-Fi Technology for Small and Medium-Sized Districts

Learn practical ways to get the tech you need when your resources are limited. View the on-demand presentation.

Social Studies On the Outside Looking In

Redeeming the neglected curriculum.

Aventa Learning

See how the Aventa curriculum can help improve student achievement, expand your course catalog, avoid costly textbook replacement and offer scheduling flexibility.

Alabama District Begins School Superintendent Search

The Alabaster Board of Education will accept applications for the city’s school superintendent position through March 31, and will look to have the position filled by May 1. After accepting applications for the position through the end of March, the School Board will interview candidates through April and will name the superintendent by May 1, according to a tentative timeline laid out during the meeting.

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Michigan District Will Not Fill Vacant Deputy Superintendent Position

Ann Arbor (Mich.) Public Schools Superintendent Patricia Green has decided not to fill the district's top financial position and intends to review how the district is organized, she announced in an email.

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Few States Look to Extend Preschool to All 4-Year-Olds

President Obama’s call in his State of the Union address to “make high-quality preschool available to every single child in America” rallied advocates across the country who have long argued that inequity in education begins at a very young age. While supporters herald the plan as a way to help level the playing field for children who do not have the advantages of daily bedtime stories, music lessons and counting games at home, critics argue that providing universal preschool could result in federal money being squandered on ineffective programs.

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Charter School Board Approves New Indiana School

The Indiana Charter School Board has approved a new charter school in Fort Wayne that must meet specific enrollment goals before it can open its doors. The board voted 5-1 Wednesday to approve the Carpe Diem Indiana charter school, but the school must demonstrate by July 15 that its enrollment will fall between its "break-even" financial number and its goal of 130 students for the first year.

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The High-Tech Return of High School Shop Class

In his State of the Union speech, President Barack Obama talked about redesigning schools for a high-tech future. But long gone are the days of shop class, or even "vocational training," said Stephen DeWitt, the senior director of public policy for the Association for Career and Technical Education. What's emerging in schools now is something tougher to pin down.

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