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Search Begins for New Richmond Schools Superintendent

The announcement that Richmond School Superintendent Yvonne W. Brandon will leave the job on June 30 will set in motion a search for a new leader who school board sources say is likely to come from outside of the school district.

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Two Midwestern States, Two Different Approaches to Education

Iowa and Indiana are two Midwestern states that are taking radically different approaches to education, with one increasing funding for public education and the other taking it away.

High-Performing American Indian Charter Schools Struggle for Survival

Students at the American Indian Model Schools have consistently outperformed most of their peers nationwide. But on Sunday night parents and board members were groping for a way to keep the schools' doors open.

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Baltimore County Budget Would Add New Seats for Crowded Schools

Baltimore County would add classrooms for thousands of students under a budget proposal unveiled Monday by County Executive Kevin Kamenetz — a plan advocates hope signals a commitment to solve the overcrowding that has plagued the school system.

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Unions' Charter-School Push

Charter schools have spread across the country while generally keeping organized labor out, with operators saying they can manage schools better when their staffs aren't unionized. But labor groups are now making a big push to get a stronger foothold in this educational realm.

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Colo. League of Charter Schools Names PublicSchoolWORKS a PSP

The PSP Program is a resource directory that features professional service providers ¾ like therapists, consultants, and more ¾ committed to serving the charter school sector. Participants in the PSP Program not only demonstrate up-to-date expertise and knowledge, but they have also passed the Colorado League of Charter Schools’ ten-point evaluation process to prove that they are credible resources within their areas of expertise.

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Greenbrier Schools Tackling New AR State Teacher Evaluation System

School districts across the state of Arkansas are in the beginning stages of learning, understanding, and meeting new state teacher evaluation requirements, and with the help of the observe4success platform, Greenbrier administrators feel that they are ahead of the game.

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School Fuel Delivers Common Core Mobile App Platform Designed for K12

School Fuel helps teachers uncover, manage and distribute the best tools for learning. From the School Fuel administration console, educators populate app and resource libraries based on subject areas, grade levels and Common Core standards. Students then quickly access these apps, files, digital texts and links on nearly any device, including phones and tablets.

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Farmington Schools Leading the Way with Geo-visual Analytic Software

Farmington Municipal schools are blazing a new trail in the state of New Mexico with innovative technology that enables data analysis for the district at a whole new level with GuideK12, a web-based, geovisual analytic software solution. District leaders sought out an application to save them time and precious resources to support their district’s current and future planning needs.

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HEAF Gives Tips to Help High School Seniors Choose the Right College

The countdown is on, May 1 — known as National College Decision Day — is right around the corner, and students have only 30 days left to narrow down their choices and select a college that suits them academically, financially and personally.