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Be a source for our video game story

We are writing a story about the use of video games in K12 education. We are looking for experts, educators, and software designers who can tell us about the latest thinking on how games should—and shouldn’t—be used in school. Follow the link to contact us. 

Our schools, cut off from the web

ON June 6, at a middle school in Mooresville, N.C., President Obama set a goal of high-speed Internet in nearly every public school in America in five years. It was a bold and needed pronouncement — except that in 1996 President Clinton said virtually the same thing, calling for libraries and classrooms to be “hooked up to the Information Superhighway by the year 2000.”

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Graduation rates rise at 10 mid-Hudson Valley schools

A slight majority of high schools in the mid-Hudson Valley experienced an increase in graduation rates in 2012 and nearly all surpassed the state average, according to new state Education Department data.

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Texas district may launch Spanish classes at elementary schools

With strong parent support, Highland Park ISD administrators are planning a new elementary foreign language program.

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Bullying incident at a high-achieving Portland elementary school offers lessons for schools, parents

None of us likes to think that bullying would occur in our community. But the May 24 incident offers some lessons in how parents and schools can address the problem.

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Missouri schools prepare to accept students from failing St. Louis County districts

After turning away kids for years, school superintendents say they plan to begin accepting transfer requests this summer from the first of what could be hundreds — if not thousands — of students seeking to leave two unaccredited districts in north St. Louis County.

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Washington state superintendent wants schools to avoid half-days

Washington state’s school superintendent says he opposes the expansion of half-days on school calendars and wants lawmakers to act next year to give his office the authority to curb them.

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Comprehensive literature teview on flipped learning now available

The flipped learning model of instruction, while virtually unknown a few years ago, is gaining attention and adherents among teachers and administrators in American K-12 and postsecondary classrooms.

Alabama Accountability Act: 78 schools listed as failing

The Alabama Department of Education yesterday released the list of 78 "failing" schools where parents will be eligible for a state income tax credit to help send their child to a private school.

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National Museum of Mathematics kicks off First Annual National Pajama Party Week with Bedtime Math book launch

The National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) is joining bookstores and libraries in more than 50 locations around the country for the first annual Bedtime Math National Pajama Party Week, aimed at making math fun, exciting and relevant for children three to eight-years-old.