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Learning.com launches SIS Integration, partners with Clever

Clever securely connects to a school’s SIS, pulls student enrollment rosters and demographic data, and automatically syncs that data with Learning.com. The FERPA-compliant integration process takes five minutes to set up, and Clever supports every major SIS.

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School technology trends in 3D

Open content, electronic textbooks, personalized learning, cloud technology and learning analytics are emerging technologies that K12 administrators will integrate into schools over the next few years, according to the New Media Consortium’s Horizon Report on tech trends.

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Digital signs boost school communication

From emergency alerts to event schedules to touch screens to more creative uses—like backdrops for marching bands—digital signs are replacing posters that can clutter up a school, and are making communication more attractive, interactive, and efficient.

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Private sector powers new wave of public school construction

In 2010, a building condition study showed that Yonkers (N.Y.) Public Schools needed $480 million for capital improvements to existing school buildings, while new schools needed to be built given an expected enrollment increase of 3,000 by 2020, for a total of $1.2 billion.

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Schools shift construction strategies in tough times

Superintendent Maureen Sabolinski went door to door to drum up voter support for a new high school in the Franklin (Mass.) Public Schools. Sabolinski visited local coffee shops to tell community members they also would get to use the new high school gym, walking track, theater and library.

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School districts get creative when enrollment drops

Record lows in student enrollment and staggering budget cuts have forced some of the nation’s largest districts to close schools, a disruption that has often interfered with classroom instruction.

What do you think of grouping students by ability in schools?

This is already common practice—for example, in gifted classes, honors programs, and Advanced Placement courses. Some teachers group students by ability within classrooms as well, separating the strong math group or the emergent readers.

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Students in Washington schools need nurses

Six minutes was too late. Ten-year-old Mercedes Mear’s heart had already stopped beating and she wasn’t breathing when Pierce County medics arrived on Oct. 7, 2008. No one in her elementary school knew CPR, or that the medication that might have saved her life, an EpiPen, was kept in the health room where she died, with her name clearly marked on the label.

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STEAM power takes over Minneapolis Middle School

"We're developing a school forest," explained art teacher Jim Bias, from Edgewood Middle School in Mounds View, Minn. This is one of 25 electives offered this year for Edgewood's new STEAM curriculum.

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West metro integration school district superintendent reinstated

The West Metro (Minn.) Education Program board voted recently without explanation to reinstate Daniel Jett after meeting in a closed session. Allegations against Jett were raised by Kevin Bennett, principal of the small district’s two schools. Now they’ll be forced to work together.

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