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Rebuilding Trust in New York

Following a financial scandal a decade ago, this district bounced back stronger than ever.

Reading Wonders

Discover how the McGraw-Hill Reading Wonders program unlocks the Common Core Standards through a digital, dynamic and engaging student/teacher experience.

The Benefits of Google Chromebooks and Apps for Education

Attend our web seminar to learn the keys to a successful 1:1 computing implementation, and the power of the web for transforming teaching and learning.

Charter Schools: A Skeptical Look

Charter schools are operated by many types of organizations with many different orientations. But many tend to espouse a “boot camp” type of ideology, offering long days, lots of homework, intense studying, and tests, tests, tests.

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Mississippi Prepares New Push on Education

Leaders of the city in the impoverished Delta region — known as the crossroads of the blues where Robert Johnson once lived — hope improved education will help stanch a hemorrhaging population that now stands at 18,000.

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Paranoia About Common Core is a Lousy Way to Fix Schools

For too long, schools from district to district and state to state have had wildly different standards and tests that make it harder for some students to compete and harder for parents and educators to get a handle on how well schools are performing.

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Portland Public Schools Adds More Teachers to Budget After Parental Outcry

Superintendent Carole Smith added 58 high school teaching positions to her initial budget proposal on Monday after parents publicly decried a schedule that doesn'™t allow most students to have a full school day.

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Michigan District Closed Despite Teachers' Offer to Work For Free

In Buena Vista, Mich., a school district of less than 500 students closed its schools Tuesday because it is broke. At an emergency meeting Monday evening, hours after teachers voted to work for free for at least a week since the district determined it could not pay them, the school board opted to shut down schools.

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Edwards Named Interim Baltimore Schools CEO

As city schools CEO Andrés Alonso steps aside, he's turning the system over to a close adviser he's trusted during some of his administration's most trying moments.

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Plan to Add Slots for Gifted Students in N.Y.C. Schools

Seeking to address pervasive racial disparities at the top echelons of New York City schools, Christine C. Quinn, the City Council speaker, plans on Tuesday to propose a significant overhaul of gifted and talented programs that would provide space for more children and loosen admissions requirements.

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