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Education Secretary Called Out for Misleading Pink Slips Claim

Education Secretary Arne Duncan is getting called out for claiming -- erroneously -- that teachers are "getting pink slips" as the sequester looms. Duncan made the claim on CBS' "Face the Nation" Sunday. Discussing the looming spending cuts that begin to kick in Friday, he said: "There are literally teachers now who are getting pink slips, who are getting notices that they can't come back this fall."

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Have Fun Learning About Brainwaves with NeuroSky's New Mindwave Mobile Package

Leading Brain-Computer Interface company, NeuroSky, has recently launched the Brainwave Starter Kit, a MindWave Mobile package that offers an introduction to the power of the human brain through fun, interactive applications.

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Announced Launch of eBOL Community Web Portal

Developed in partnership with educators, bioinformaticians, researchers, and science media experts, the eBOL Community Web Portal integrates new digital resources to bridge the biodiversity knowledge gap and advance DNA barcoding as an interdisciplinary teaching and learning tool.

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Thomas Built Buses Is Looking for School Bus Drivers who Make an Extra Effort

Every day, yellow school buses perform a heroic achievement: they provide access to education for millions of childrenacross the United States and Canada. They do this while maintaining a safety record unequalled in the transportation industry.

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Epson Announces 'Document Camera in the Classroom Contest'

Epson, is asking K-12 and post-secondary educators in the United States and the District of Columbia to share their top five benefits of using document cameras in the classroom for a chance to win one of four Epson® DC-20 document cameras during the “Epson Document Camera in the Classroom Contest.” Epson invites U.S. educators to submit their entries online between March 15 and May 10, 2013.

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Theatre Education Associated with Higher Academic Achievement

School drama programs across the country are in danger. The Department of Education reports a 16% drop in public elementary school instruction for drama/theatre over the past ten years, and a 3% drop in secondary schools. In our current economy, drama programs are at greater risk, as state and local legislators look to cut education budgets to make up for funding shortfalls.

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Panasonic Announces Availability of Lamp-Free Projectors

Panasonic System Communications Company of North America, a provider of professional projector solutions, today announced the immediate availability of its new SOLID SHINE™ Series of lamp-free projectors with DIGITAL LINK technology.

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Indiana Educational Institutions to Receive Aggressive VMware Discounts

This agreement allows for both public and private K-12 and higher educational institutions in the state to qualify for deeply discounted VMware license and production support from Matrix Integration, a leading technology solutions and services provider based in Jasper, Ind.

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School Improvement Network Releases Results of Guns & School Safety Survey

More than 10,600 K-12 educators responded, revealing a consensus of educator sentiment about how safe schools are in light of the recent Sandy Hook shooting, and what should be done to ensure student and educator safety.

TipSoft for Education

Allows students to confidentially share bullying and other safety issues with administrators through Web, SMS, and Android or Apple iOS mobile applications.