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In Some Southern Districts, Segregation Lives On

It has been more than half a century since the Supreme Court decided in Brown v. Board of Education that separate is inherently unequal and legally, ended public school segregation. And yet, our schools are now more racially isolated than they were in the civil rights era.

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N.J. Principal May Soon Carry Gun

School officials from Passaic Valley High School are considering a policy to allow the school's principal, who is a retired police officer, to carry his concealed weapon in school.

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Failed Charters Owe Millions to Ohio

Taxpayer dollars are missing, and chances are the state will never get them back.

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Why Newspaper Advisers Are Heroes

These educators put up an enormous amount of effort for the privilege of putting out a school newspaper.

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Why Schools Want $1.2 billion from Seattle Taxpayers

"We do have teachers who have used their own money to buy small pieces of whiteboard to put over their chalkboards," Principal Christy Collins explains. "As far as instruction, my concern would be that our students are at a disadvantage in this digital age."

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Duran Morgan Named Ohio Principal

Cadiz Harrison Hills Jr/Sr High School is under new leadership with Duran Morgan, who has stepped into the role of building principal.

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Wyo. Gets Interim Education Head

The newly appointed interim director of the state Department of Education has a lot of homework to do.

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Workforce Ready from Kronos

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Windows 8 in Schools