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Reading Wonders

Discover how the McGraw-Hill Reading Wonders program unlocks the Common Core Standards through a digital, dynamic and engaging student/teacher experience.

25 Big Ideas About Online Learning in 25 Minutes

View the on-demand presentation to see a panel of experts weighing in on what you need to know before implementing blended or online learning.

Products Enhance Common Core Implementation

As Common Core implementation begins, education publishers are creating products that align with the standards and take advantage of technology that elicits student engagement.

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On a School Tour, Education Officials See Common Core Success

In a math class, they saw five students present different solutions for the same problem, then heard the teacher explain that one strategy of problem-solving might make more sense for one student, or in one situation, than another.

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Research Shows that Online Education Works - For Sex, Alcohol, Health

As interest in online education rages, these 17- and 18-year-old students at Newark, N.J.’s West Side High are guinea pigs in a global experiment to answer a key but surprisingly elusive question: whether and when it actually works.

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GuideK12 Named Innovator Showcase Company by NSBA

As part of this event, GuideK12 will be sponsoring a Technology Leadership tour for NSBA members to gain insights from the US Navy SEALs. This represents a unique opportunity to go behind the scenes.

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Kidaptive Releases New Educational Appisode for Preschool App

The animated stories follow the adventures of eight-year-old friends: Leo (Leonardo da Vinci), Gally (Galileo), and Marie (Curie). In appisodes 1 and 2, the friends construct a telescope and build a rocket to travel through space while learning valuable skills, which are assessed by the app.

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PlattForm to Sponsor the WASC Academic Resource Conference

Since 1962, WASC has been promoting the welfare, interests and development of education in the Western region of the United States. In an effort to support this mission, PlattForm has committed to attending and sponsoring its 2013 conference, which will focus on answering what’s next for higher education.

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Schneider Electric Introduces Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Service

A cloud-based offering, the service enables end-users in small to medium commercial facilities to simplify the integration of video surveillance by moving it from on-site locations to a cloud-based service model, scale over time to fit their business needs, and ensure system reliability to eliminate downtime.

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Teens Nationwide Compete in Original Video Challenge to Promote Safe Driving to Fellow Teens

The contest is part of Toyota Teen Driver, a joint education program by Toyota and Discovery Education, to help teen drivers stay safe. While cars today are safer than ever, motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death among teens in the U.S.