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Menifee (Calif.) Union S.D. Opts to Appoint Replacement Trustee

Superintendent Linda Callaway said a replacement for Scott Mann – who resigned earlier this month before he was sworn in as Menifee's first elected mayor – could be named as soon as Jan. 7, when the board will interview applicants. Trustees are paid $265 per month, with health benefits available.

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Fla. State Rep. Janet Adkins Appointed to Education Panel

Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford, R-Wesley Chapel, has appointed state Rep. Janet Adkins, R-Fernandina Beach, to the Education Commission of the States. The national group, which meets once annually, is geared to facilitate the “exchange of information, ideas and experiences among state policymakers and education leaders,” according to its website.

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Personalized learning in elementary schools.

View the on-demand presentation to hear what the future holds.

Sen. Lehman Appointed Ranking Education Committee Democrat

Racine, Wisc. Sen. John Lehman is back on the Senate Committee on Education, being appointed the committee’s ranking Democratic member Wednesday. Lehman, elected over Republican Van Wanggaard in this summer’s recall election, served as the committee’s chair following that victory and Democrats’ brief-lived majority that followed.

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Flap Increases Over California School Named for Bandit

Tiburcio Vasquez, a 19th century outlaw, is remembered in historical accounts as a notorious criminal who terrorized southern California. But one school district in California wants to remember him another way: as a hero to the Hispanic community who fought back against injustice.

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Why Doesn’t My School Have an Armed Guard?

I am very frustrated with the leadership of my children's preschool. After the Newtown killings, I went straight to the head of the school and asked why we can't have an armed guard outside the building. The school did send out an email to the entire school community to discuss current security policies. If it's a matter of the cost, then I told the head of school I would personally raise money for it. I think parents are outraged that our children are not as protected as they could be, but I cannot get her to budge.

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Durham Superintendent Says New Testing Will Increase Costs

Durham's superintendent of schools says new exam requirements will cost the school system more than $100,000 a year. Durham Public School Superintendent Eric Becoats spoke Thursday about new exams required by the state. As part of North Carolina's Race to the Top plan, common exams will now be given in any subjects that are not already covered in a state-mandated exam. In the past, teachers whose classes were not part of a state test would administer their own exam. But now, the exams will look the same across the board, even for classes like physical education.

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Support for School Prayer Declines

Support for prayer in school has declined since the 1970s, except among one group: evangelical Christians, finds a new study. The findings may not come as a surprise given the rise of evangelical Christians as a societal force over the same time period. In August, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, sociologist Philip Schwadel reported in the journal Sociology of Religion that even as religious affiliations have decreased in America, evangelicals have become more devout.

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Florida's Star Children's Group; Smith III Is Tackling Worldwide Issues In Their Music

The craze has began! Billboard Magazine dubbed Smith III New Faces of Pop, Hip Hop & Rap Music. But Smith III is more than just young cute recording artist/musicians; they are three musically talented siblings from Florida, whose music is giving voices to children across the world speaking about issues that affect their lives and the people around them.

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MultiTouch’s Interactive Displays React to Real-Life Objects with Enriched Reality

MultiTouch Ltd., the world leader in interactive display systems, today announced its latest technology, Enriched Reality™. With the new technology, MultiTouch’s MultiTaction® series of displays are able to detect every object that interacts or is placed on the system.