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Military Leaders Blame School Vending Machines in U.S. Fat Fight

Former U.S. military leaders have identified a latent threat to the potential for a leaner, more agile fighting force: the school vending machine.

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R.I. School Committee Seeks to End Banned Father-Daughter Dance

A Cranston (R.I.) District Committee has unanimously approved a resolution asking lawmakers to modify a state law to allow father-daughter and mother-son events at schools.

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Assessment Tools for School Wellness

Survey for principals: a checklist examining food and physical activity wellness policies at the school level

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School Choice: Boston Public Schools Proposes Five Options

Officials from the Boston Public School Department presented five different plans to address the issue of school choice in the city. All the proposals would mark a significant change for JP residents

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New Hampshire Charter School Moratorium Could Be Lifted

The New Hampshire charter school moratorium could be lifted as soon as November if legislative budget writers approve an additional $5 million next month.

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Wake County (N.C.) School Board Member Says Tata May Be Fired

Ahead of a second closed-door meeting scheduled by the Wake County School Board to discuss "confidential personnel matters," board member Chris Malone told ABC11 in an on-camera interview that it was highly likely Superintendent Tony Tata would be fired.

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Should Middle School Kids Take Drug Tests?

In school districts around the country children in grades as low as middle school are required to take a drug test before they can play sports or take part in drama or other extracurricular activities. Parental outrage has been swiftly followed by lawsuits, according to theNew York Times. States where middle schools conduct drug testing include Florida, Alabama, Missouri, West Virginia, Arkansas, Ohio, New Jersey and Texas.

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Santa Clara (Calif.) School Principal Charged with Selling Meth

Opening up a new avenue of investigation, authorities have found something even more disturbing in the home of a Santa Clara elementary school principal than methamphetamine and a date-rape drug—10 hidden cameras, including one tucked inside a Teddy bear.

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Shmoop Launches Calculus Guide

Shmoop relates real-life situations to advanced calculus concepts, including derivatives, limits, and differential equations. 

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