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Florida Charter Schools win $78M for Facilities

Charter schools will receive $78 million for their construction and maintenance needs, state lawmakers agreed late Saturday.

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California Gov. Jerry Brown Promises Fight Over Education Overhaul

Jerry Brown says lawmakers will get 'the battle of their lives' if they balk at his plan to give more funds to poor districts and more spending flexibility to all school districts.

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Cleveland Names 'Investment Schools' Slated for Turnaround

The Cleveland school district this afternoon named 13 low-performing schools to receive intensive help next school year, a major step in kicking off the Cleveland Plan for Transforming Schools.

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Where to Go Next for New Orleans Schools? Voters Don't Know

Eight years into a nationally unprecedented experiment in school reform, a sample of New Orleans voters doesn't know where to go next - and low confidence in the Orleans Parish School Board may be at the root of it.

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School Closings Pose Big Challenge for Chicago Public Schools

As the saying goes, the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Unfortunately, that saying does not bode well for the thousands of children who will be displaced when 54 schools shut down this year.

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How Low Can You Go? Leading Schools Into (Or Out Of) Ruin.

The School District of Philadelphia announced last week that its budget for next year would be cut by 25 percent.

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The Coming Revolution in Public Education

Critics say the standardized test-driven reforms pushed by those like Michelle Rhee may actually be harming students.

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