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A Conversation on "Cage-Busting Leadership"

Managing Editor Angela Pascopella speaks with author Frederick M. Hess.

The Internet isn’t enough.

View the on-demand presentation to learn why your students need to be learning digital skills, and how to provide the digital literacy instruction that will help them be successful.

Reimagining School

District Administration Leadership Institute members take a "no-holds-barred" look at the future.

ST Math

Interactive math software that helps meet the requirements of the Common Core and develops students’ critical thinking as it transforms learning.

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Blackboard Expands Support for Retention with Early Warning Analytics

Blackboard Inc. has unveiled a new release of its flagship learning management system (LMS) that includes a tool to help instructors identify and engage at-risk students based on course activity patterns that correlate with student success. The feature makes it easier for instructors with limited time to find effective ways to improve student retention and outcomes.

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Boo Radley or Katniss Everdeen: Who's Motivating Kids to Read?

With the increased influence of popular culture, the report also finds that students are increasingly choosing books with lower text complexity, a concern for many educators.

Link Between School Climate and Violence Confirmed

New research from the University of Luxembourg shows that there is a direct link between school climate and school violence. Most importantly, the social climate in class and in school is assumed to have a significant effect on the prevalence of violence in schools.

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Hamilton (N.J.) School Board Sets Up Fraud Hotline

The district may soon provide a service to allow people to sound the alarm if they witness illegal or inappropriate activity in the school district. Last night the school board unanimously voted to set up an anonymous “fraud hotline” to detect and deter fraudulent activity. The move comes in the wake of a town-wide scandal involving a school insurance broker who bribed the former township mayor.

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Third-Grader Speaks at Chicago Public Schools Board Meeting

Speaking at the monthly Board of Education meeting, Asean Johnson, 9, pointed out that schools chief Barbara Byrd-Bennett and board President David Vitale both visited the school last week and remarked on how quiet it was, how it had a "well-stocked library" and how "really exceptional" it was. "Why then are you closing Marcus Garvey when it has everything you say it should have?" Asean asked district leaders.

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Teachscape Wins Return on Education (ROE) Innovation Award

Presented by Arizona State University, the Clayton Christensen Institute and GSV Advisors, the award was given at the 2013 Education Innovation Summit in Scottsdale, AZ.