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Arizona Program Helps Latino Parents Navigate School System

Luz Hernandez is a single mom with five children. While she worries about how her limited English will affect her ability to get a better job, she mostly worries about what her communication skills mean for her kids.

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Groups Criticize Nutter Over Philadelphia School Closings

Only a week remains until the School Reform Commission is to vote on the largest wave of school closings in Philadelphia history, but community organizations are fighting for more time. The NAACP and ACTION United, a statewide organization of 52,000 low- and moderate-income families, have asked for a one-year delay to find additional sources of funding and alternatives to the proposed closing of 29 schools.

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Texas School Worker Shot During Handgun Training Session

An East Texas school maintenance worker was in fair condition Thursday after being accidentally shot during a district-sponsored handgun safety class, according to local media. The concealed handgun license class is part of an effort to permit teachers to carry firearms in schools in Van, Texas, the Tyler Morning Telegraph reported.

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School's Transgender Ruling: Fairness or Discrimination?

A Colorado school's ruling over a transgender child has sparked questions that could affect schools all over the country. Which bathroom should be used by a child who identifies as a different gender from his or her body? Where's the line between accommodation and discrimination? At what point is a child old enough for that to even be an issue?

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Sequester Could Leave Special Education Kids Without Important Services

Teresa Armstrong is steamed. The Virginia mother of four has spent the last few weeks watching, reading and listening to politicians argue about the country's finances but fail to reach a deal to prevent impending across-the-board cuts to federal spending. She doesn't understand how they can bicker endlessly while the consequences for her daughter, Angela, hang in the balance.

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What Would Sequestration Mean for K12?

Districts are bracing themselves for the impact of the major education cuts set to occur with the March 1 sequestration as they plan their budget and staffing choices for the fall, said Education Secretary Arne Duncan in a statement. If congressional lawmakers are unable to compromise on another plan to trim the national budget, Department of Education funding will be scaled back 9 percent just this year alone, according to the national Center on Budget & Policy Priorities.

Education Secretary Called Out for Misleading Pink Slips Claim

Education Secretary Arne Duncan is getting called out for claiming -- erroneously -- that teachers are "getting pink slips" as the sequester looms. Duncan made the claim on CBS' "Face the Nation" Sunday. Discussing the looming spending cuts that begin to kick in Friday, he said: "There are literally teachers now who are getting pink slips, who are getting notices that they can't come back this fall."

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Have Fun Learning About Brainwaves with NeuroSky's New Mindwave Mobile Package

Leading Brain-Computer Interface company, NeuroSky, has recently launched the Brainwave Starter Kit, a MindWave Mobile package that offers an introduction to the power of the human brain through fun, interactive applications.

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Announced Launch of eBOL Community Web Portal

Developed in partnership with educators, bioinformaticians, researchers, and science media experts, the eBOL Community Web Portal integrates new digital resources to bridge the biodiversity knowledge gap and advance DNA barcoding as an interdisciplinary teaching and learning tool.

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Thomas Built Buses Is Looking for School Bus Drivers who Make an Extra Effort

Every day, yellow school buses perform a heroic achievement: they provide access to education for millions of childrenacross the United States and Canada. They do this while maintaining a safety record unequalled in the transportation industry.