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School Officials: Dip in West Hartford SAT Scores 'Inconsequential'

Students in the class of 2012 at Hall and Conard High Schools scored 16 points lower on the SATs this year compared to last year, but the dip is "inconsequential" when compared to scores since 1992, according to a report presented to the school board last week.

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Lawsuit Alleges Conspiracy to Defeat Charter School Measure

Atlanta attorney and charter school advocate Glenn Delk has finally filed that lawsuit against 180 school districts in Georgia, alleging that along with “the Education Empire,” they have been engaged in a “coordinated campaign and conspiracy” to defeat the November ballot question on charter schools.

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In Fla. County, No Hungry School-Age Child Left Behind

Organizers of The Children's Hunger Project in Brevard County, Fla., employ a very basic strategy to provide food for low-income elementary students. "We have a nine-word business plan: 'See a hungry kid. Buy food. Feed the kid.' And we keep the operation that simple," co-founder Bob Barnes said.

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An Extraordinary Attempt to Stop a School Board Candidate

In Santa Clara County, school board races are ordinarily slumber fests. So it was more than a little unusual to see an ad in the Santa Clara Weekly recently that pleaded with voters not to choose a candidate for the Santa Clara Unified School board, Christopher Stampolis.

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Common Core Catches on with Private Schools

With all but four states having adopted the Common Core State Standards since 2010, districts have little choice but to implement them. But many private schools are also making the transition.

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What We Can Learn from Finland's Education System

We've all heard plenty about how students in several Asian nations continually outperform their U.S. counterparts on international tests for science, reading, and — especially — math. There is only one Western nation near the top of those rankings year after year, and Finland is an intriguing case.

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LA Fund for Public Ed Launches Campaign to Support Arts Ed

The LA Fund for Public Education today announced the launch of "Arts Matter," a first of its kind, citywide public art exhibition and fundraising campaign to revitalize arts education in the nation's second largest public school system.

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Microsoft Helps to Boost Technology Education

The Association for Computing Machinery projects an increase of about 150,000 computer jobs every year for the next 15 years or more. To help bridge the gap between the need for qualified workers in software, programming, systems analysis, and other areas, and the number of available people, Microsoft is chipping in with money and volunteers, by asking company employees to commit to teaching computer science in a high school for at least one year.

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Education, Health Spending Outgrowing GDP

Public expenditure on education at 19 percent and health at 17.5 percent grew faster than GDP which expanded at 15.3 percent during the period between 2003-04 and 2010-11, rating agency Crisil said in a note today.

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Tens of Thousands of Proven Test Questions Available to Teachers Free of Charge With Launch of Problem-Attic

EducAide Software put tens of thousands of high-quality questions for personalizing learning at the fingertips of teachers around the country, for free, with the launch of Problem-Attic. More than an item bank, Problem-Attic allows teachers to find questions by topic, select them individually and format them using Problem-Attic’s online tools to create and output tests, quizzes, worksheets, flash cards, overheads and problem-of-the-day calendars with ease.