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Baltimore County Public Schools chooses the SAFARI montage digital learning platform

As the district moves toward implementing 1:1 learning environments, DCP, a mobile device compatible platform, will support this initiative by providing students with direct access to the curriculum and learning resources on the devices that they will be using every day.

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Keenan launches comprehensive health care reform website with vital information for employers facing dramatic changes

The site is designed to assist those employers in staying on top of rapidly approaching changes, program details and best practices resulting from this historic shift in the nations health insurance system.

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Roemtech announces newly PMA-350H mixer/amplifier with auto-hummbuster technology

The PMA-350H is a three input, 24 volt, 50 Watt, plenum rated stereo mixer/amplifier. To provide priority override for a Public Address system, the amplifier senses P/A audio and mutes connected audio sources to ensure delivery of important messages.

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AEP to host two LRMI sessions during ISTE

Both sessions will focus on the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI), a project co-led by AEP and Creative Commons to create and encourage implementation of a metadata markup standard for educational resources. An extension of Schema.org, the LRMI aims to improve Internet search results for the education community.

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Webinar explores benefits of online occupational therapy in special education

With the demand for occupational therapy (OT) services growing due to increases in the cases of learning disabilities, sensory processing disorder and autism combined with the rigors of the Common Core implementation, special education administrators are trying – and seeing success with – new service delivery models, including online OT.

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LearningStation and itslearning, Inc. announce strategic partnership

The two solutions offered by LearningStation and itslearning compliment each other at every turn as the integration of these two platforms now give our customers the option to choose from an online or plain paper testing and assessment method.

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Mitsubishi brings "game changing" technology to Mill Valley (SF) Schools

For Mill Valley School District just outside of San Francisco, a new take on old technology is proving to bring students and teachers into the cutting-edge world of the latest high tech.

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Edgenuity offers enhanced professional development services

Edgenuity’s PD teams are comprised of masters-level educators who average 15 years of teaching experience complemented by extensive technical knowledge.

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Promethean's Thank a Teacher Winner Linda Yollis connects students to the world

Yollis, who has been teaching for 26 years, was one of hundreds of deserving teachers nominated for the contest, but her focus on opening the classroom beyond the four walls through blogging made her contributions to education unique. As word about her winning spread, her class blog quickly filled with congratulatory notes.

Florida county schools face $7.5 million revenue loss

The Clay County school system is beginning the 2013-14 budget process facing a projected $7.5 million loss of state revenue because of a drop in enrollment.

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