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Epson now offers Promethean Software to deliver complete interactive learning solution for K-12 classrooms

Epson, the number-one selling projector brand worldwide, announced Promethean’s ActivInspire teaching and learning software is now available for purchase for both new and current customers of Epson’s industry-leading BrightLink® interactive projectors. Educators in the United States and Canada now have an easy way to add curriculum software into interactive learning environments.

The Business of: School Furniture

Innovative designs for tomorrow's learning.

ST Math

Interactive math software that helps meet the requirements of the Common Core and develops students’ critical thinking as it transforms learning.

How to Resurrect an Urban School District

The recent public school test-cheating scandals in Atlanta and Washington D.C. are insidious not only in their impact on their own communities, but also in feeding a broadly held misperception that urban school districts are beyond salvaging.

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The Future of Tablets in Education: Potential Vs. Reality of Consuming Media

Exploring four dimensions of using tablets, such as the iPad, in educational settings, and examining how teachers can take students on a journey from consumption of media to curation, creation, and connection.

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Individualizing Instruction Through Intelligent Adaptive Learning

View the on-demand presentation to learn how this new technology is enabling individualized, differentiated instruction for elementary math.

Miss our web seminar on implementing dynamic location-based Internet content filtering in your district?

View the on-demand presentation to learn how districts can successfully manage Internet access to a vast number of devices in an environment of diverse needs based on grade level, location, training and role.

Organizing the Classroom with Learning Management Systems

Digital coursework, student/teacher collaboration, assessment, and customization are only some of the many popular features Learning Management Systems (LMS) have to offer a K12 classroom.

$600,000 Grant to Philadelphia's Catholic High Schools

The Philadelphia School Partnership announced Monday that it's giving the Faith in the Future Foundation a planning grant to aid the eight Catholic high schools in the city.

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West Virginia Meal Effort Not Starting from Scratch

Students should notice West Virginia's ambitious new plan to target child hunger while improving academic performance when they arrive this fall.

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