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Pittsburgh School Alters Approach to Good Behavior

At Faison K-5, good behavior is taught alongside academics in an effort to change the culture of the 530-student school long plagued with academic and discipline problems.

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Newtown (Conn.) Residents Divided Over School Site

As word spread over the weekend that Sandy Hook Elementary School would be demolished, residents were split about whether building a new facility on the site of the old one was the best way for the community to move on.

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Lousiana Voucher Ruling Creates Uncertainties

Gov. Bobby Jindal somehow was claiming a victory and telling parents not to worry after the Louisiana Supreme Court, in a 6-1 vote, rejected his administration's legal arguments and declared the financing of his voucher program unconstitutional.

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Hidden Threats to Young Athletes

Concussions are receiving attention nationwide, but death from a blow to the head is exceedingly rare. In contrast, a young athlete dies from a cardiac incident once every three days in the United States, researchers say.

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New Superintendent at Illinois School for the Deaf

For the first time in its 174-year history, Illinois School for the Deaf has a deaf female superintendent.

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Woodrow Wilson School (Mass.) Gets a New Principal

Framingham School Superintendent Stacy L. Scott announced Friday that John Haidemenos Jr. has been appointed as the new principal for Woodrow Wilson Elementary School.

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Killeen Independent School District Deepens Professional Development Partnership with ASCD

Killeen Independent School District (ISD)—whose more than 6,100 staff members serve approximately 42,000 students—is deepening its relationship with ASCD to meet its professional development goals.

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Closing the Gap: Using Student Data to Improve Teaching

In collaboration with AASA, The School Superintendents Association and the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN), Gartner, Inc., has released a series of district case studies and videos that demonstrate best practices for school districts seeking to improve student achievement through data use.

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National Tribute to Sally Ride Salute to Women in Science

In a panel program at the nation's Air and Space Museum, prominent journalists and leading women in science will talk about the accomplishments of America's first woman astronaut in space, Dr. Sally Ride.