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California School Districts May Fall $158 Million Short

Orange County school districts are working to lower their financial obligations next year by as much as $158 million, a cost-cutting ax expected to fall largely on employee salaries and benefits after years of class-size increases and program cuts.

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NYC Spent at Least $20M During School Bus Strike

New York City spent roughly $20.6 million in transit cards, taxis, and gas mileage to get tens of thousands of stranded students to school during the monthlong bus strike, but some still didn't get there at all, schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott said Monday.

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Texas State Education Board Chair Approved by Senate Committee

Texas State Board of Education Chairwoman Barbara Cargill appears to be headed toward confirmation by the state senate after winning approval Monday from the Senate Nominations Committee. If Cargill is confirmed by the full Senate, it would mark the first time since 2007 that a state education board chair has cleared the upper chamber.

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Principal’s guide to blended learning in elementary schools.

View the on-demand presentation to learn the keys to a successful blended learning implementation.

Reflections on Sandy Hook

What we do and do not need to do differently after Sandy Hook.

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Aventa Learning

See how the Aventa curriculum can help improve student achievement, expand your course catalog, avoid costly textbook replacement and offer scheduling flexibility.

Miss our web seminar on implementing dynamic location-based Internet content filtering in your district?

Learn how districts can successfully manage Internet access to a vast number of devices in an environment of diverse needs based on grade level, location, training and role.

The French Plan to Eliminate Homework Will Not Increase Educational Opportunity for a Single Student

In case you missed it, French President Francois Hollande has proposed eliminating homework in elementary and junior high schools in the name of social justice and equity. The Socialist Party president believes that homework “penalizes children with difficult home situations.” According to President Hollande, “students aren’t on a level playing field when it comes to homework, since some are able to get help from their parents, while other cannot.”

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Sex Education about Reality, Not Ideology

A Montana bill that requires parental permission before a child participates in sex education in school is a bad idea and lawmakers should shelve it. Let’s be clear: This is not about ideology; it’s about reality.

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Los Angeles Teachers Union Wins Right to Represent Charter School

The Los Angeles teachers union announced Wednesday night that it has won the right to negotiate a contract for teachers and counselors at a West San Fernando Valley charter school.

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