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Tackling challenges of education and health together

We all too often tackle challenges in distinct fields separately, but America is experiencing challenges in education and health that could be tackled together in ways that are mutually beneficial and cost-effective. The good news is that one proven model already exists.

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Triumph Learning joins Digital Learning Alliance

Triumph Learning is teaming up with the Digital Learning Alliance (DLA). The collaboration aims to fortify digital learning in classrooms across the country.

Gov. Jindal sued over Common Core by Louisiana parents, teachers

Another lawsuit has been filed over Common Core in Louisiana. It's suing Governor Bobby Jindal, and was filed on behalf of parents and teachers who are in favor of the new education standards. Supporters of Common Core said he's overstepping his legal authority and tampering with education policy.

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High School Cube partners with USA TODAY High School Sports

High School Cube announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with USA TODAY High School Sports to give high schools across the country the ability to broadcast their sporting events live, and in HD, for free.

Schenectady superintendent alleges school-funding discrimination

The superintendent for Schenectady schools wants the federal government to intervene in what he argues is racial discrimination in how New York funds education.

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School performance index to drop two criteria in South Dakota

South Dakota will be allowed to drop the criteria of teacher effectiveness and school climate from the school performance index. The U.S. Department of Education approved those changes as part of the state’s flexibility waiver from No Child Left Behind requirements for the 2014-2015 academic year.

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Portland schools join national effort to improve school results for minority boys

Portland Public Schools is one of 60 urban districts nationwide that signed on to My Brother's Keeper's mission to improve educational outcomes for black and Latino boys. Participating districts agree to spend more more on early childhood education, reduce disproportionately high school discipline rates for boys of color, provide mentoring and improve black and Latino males' access to college-prep courses.

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Washington loses bid to avoid sending out failing school letters

Washington state won’t get a pass this summer on telling parents that their kids attend failing schools, the federal government says. The U.S. Department of Education has denied Washington’s request to be exempted from that particular requirement of the federal No Child Left Behind Act since the state lost its waiver from the federal law.

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Florida school district opens first dedicated wellness center

The 5,000 employees of Leon County's school district, one of the larger employers in North Florida, will now have their first wellness center on Lively Technical School's campus. Funds for the building and equipment came from the stored Florida Blue dollars in order to save taxpayer money.

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New Calif. law restricts full-contact football practice for high school teams

A newly signed law in California will prohibit football teams at middle and high schools from holding full-contact practices that exceed 90 minutes a day, limit the number of full-contact practices during the season to two per week and prohibit contact practices during the off-season. The restrictions, which take effect January 1, 2015, are designed to help reduce concussions and other serious brain injuries.

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