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Boston’s charter schools show striking gains

Boston charter school students outperformed their counterparts at traditional public schools and at charter schools in other urban areas by a striking margin over a recent six-year span, a Stanford University study found.

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Bill urging gun safety programs in Maine schools gets shot down

A legislative committee on Thursday voted against a bill that urged gun safety education programs be taught to elementary school students, but stressed that schools are free to set up such programs if they want.

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Schools wait to see what becomes of No Child Left Behind law

A rewrite of the law could collapse in partisan disarray as in past years. But it could also herald a new era of education, keeping some testing but eliminating prescriptive punishments for schools. At the same time, it could allow some states to lower their academic standards, and others to reduce the amount of federal money flowing to schools that serve the poorest children.

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Schools nationwide struggle with substitute teacher shortage

School officials say the shortage worsened as the unemployment rate improved, and job seekers who might have settled for a part-time job such as substitute teaching are now insisting on full-time positions with better pay and benefits.

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EducationCity introduces computing as new elementary school topic

Edmentum added computing as a new subject available in EducationCity, a foundational learning program for grades pre-K through 6. The new subject provides an introduction to computer science, digital literacy and information technology using interactive content.

Preply returning to U.S. online tutoring market

American-Ukrainian startup Preply.com/en is coming back to the U.S. market with an updated product – a marketplace for local and online language tutoring. Preply has officially started acquiring tutors in the U.S. and several other English-speaking countries.

New online digital reading international resource library launched

TheIBLibrary.com launched a new, free digital and physical library resource for International Baccalaureate schools, international schools, and librarians and information science professionals to fulfill the requirements of international school accreditation bodies.

New Oregon test won't count on school report cards, teacher evaluations

Results from the new Smarter Balanced Assessment standardized test for Oregon students will not be used this year in compiling school report cards or teacher evaluations under a bill that has cleared the Oregon House.

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Seattle parents renew calls for school recess changes

A group of parents went before the Seattle Public School Board of Directors about the lack of action on school lunch and recess time. Since the beginning of the school year, parents and a collection of students have complained both times routinely fall well short of district guidelines of 20 minutes.

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Michigan Senate OKs bill allowing sweets at school bake sales

Brownies and doughnuts could be back in school bake sales under a measure the state Senate approved that would let districts raise money by holding events currently banned since they don't meet federal nutrition guidelines.

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