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School librarian cutbacks widen digital divide

About one-third of public schools do not have a full-time, state-certified librarian. Members of the American Library Association call it a national crisis, as colleges and careers increasingly require students to have expansive digital literacy skills.

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Physical and sexual abuse: A harsh reality facing your school

Physical and sexual abuse in schools, once seen as an isolated local concern, is now a national issue. A Congressional report estimated that as many as 4.5 million K12 students are subject to sexual misconduct and physical or verbal abuse.

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5 tips for expediting the teacher hiring process

Having great educators in the classroom is one of the keys to fostering successful students and an effective school—but finding top-tier educators can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive. And the hiring process is especially challenging in today’s landscape.

KnowledgeNet celebrates launch of new Citrix training courses

KnowledgeNet introduced its new authorized Citrix training. KnowledgeNet's Citrix course catalog includes training for XenDesktop, XenApp, XenServer, XenMobile and NetScaler. The company is also offering hands-on instructor-led Citrix training in various cities for the first time.

Leapfrog introduces its first educational, active video gaming system

LeapFrog Enterprises unveiled its first educational, active video gaming system, LeapTV. It is designed specifically for children ages three to eight years old. This new video game console system combines activity and movement with educational curriculum.

Stepping up efforts to curb student athlete steroid use

As a result of strong policies and increased awareness of its dangers, steroid use among high school students has dropped. But the fight is far from over, and we can — and should — do better.

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More guns in schools is not the answer

Putting more guns in classrooms is not the solution to gun violence in schools. A better solution would be for schools to let the police handle the business of public safety and let teachers handle the business of teaching.

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Normandy parents sue over school transfer changes

In Missouri, a group of Normandy school district parents have filed suit over recent changes to student attendance rules that limit the number of pupils who can transfer to better-performing schools in other districts.

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Texas charter face closure for improper financial management

Prime Prep Academy, the Texas charter school co-founded by Deion Sanders, faces closure for improper financial management and not complying with state education code. The Texas Education Agency intends to revoke the open-enrollment charter of Uplift Fort Worth, the parent organization of two Prime Prep campuses in Dallas and Fort Worth.

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Judge orders Ohio to sponsor charter school

VLT Academy, a 600-student charter school in Pendleton, will remain open next year thanks to a judge's ruling. The judge is forcing the Ohio Department of Education to sponsor the school next year, thereby saving it from closure.

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