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CDC gives schools good grades for nutrition

Schools are making progress in their efforts to boost the nutritional quality of breakfasts and lunches served in their cafeterias, according to a new federal report. However, the one diet-improving practice that schools were least likely to have adopted was offering self-service salad bars.

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Study tracks racial gap in school discipline

Schools in 13 Southern states were responsible for more than half of all suspensions and exclusions of African-American students nationwide, according to a new study that examined more than 3,000 school districts in those states.

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City to ease hiring rules for applicants with criminal records

Baltimore school officials are seeking to relax hiring rules to make applicants with nonviolent misdemeanor convictions — such as drug possession and burglary — eligible for jobs renovating school buildings. The proposal comes as the school district embarks on a $1 billion plan to renovate and rebuild more than two dozen schools over the next decade.

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Florida district officials weighing community schools concept

Local Tallahassee leaders are considering implementing a community school system to help Leon County students. The group will apply for one of three $75,000 University of Central Florida grants to develop its own plans to relocate social services such as food banks, health-care centers and mentor groups to the community school.

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Upgraded version of personalized learning application released

Epiphany Learning, a personalized learning startup, has launched version 2.0 of its Epiphany Learning Personalized Learning Application. New features include teachers dashboards, grading support, co-teaching tools and more.

New English language arts curriculum debuted

Through its recent partnership with John Wiley and Sons, Inc., PCG Education will offer the Paths to College and Career English Language Arts Curriculum for grades 6-12 in print and digital formats to educators nationally.

New enrollment platform for all New York City charters

SchoolMint will be the primary mobile platform for application and enrollment processes for all New York City charter schools. Currently, the admissions and communications platform supports over 70 charter schools across the city.

Activists continue on hunger strike to save neighborhood school

Walter H. Dyett High School, which has been plagued by poor performance and low enrollment, was targeted for a three-year phaseout that would have closed the Chicago school this year. Activists in the 10-day hunger strike are pushing for the district to save and transform the troubled school.

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Judge decides against reducing funding to charter schools

A judge has ruled against an effort to cut funding to charter schools in the Chester Upland School District. To save money, the cash-strapped Pennsylvania district asked a judge to step in and allow it to reduce funding charter schools receive for children with learning disabilities to be in line with what non-charter schools receive.

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Bill protecting contractors in school district leaseback deals dies in committee

A late-blooming California bill aimed at protecting school construction contractors from financial losses if their “lease-leaseback” deals are voided by the courts appears to have died just a week after being introduced.

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