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Tattooed Jesus, yoga and religion in schools

Legal battles over when and where to draw the church-state line on school endorsement of religion can be a nightmare for administrators, a headache for judges and a payday for lawyers. Government neutrality toward religion is an essential condition of religious freedom — especially in public schools where impressionable young people are a captive audience.

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Pouting state board of education shirks its charter school duty

Public charter schools are coming to Alabama, and they deserve a State Board of Education interested in the makeup of the commission that will make the critical decision about charter authorizations. That isn't a role the leaders of Alabama's public education system should reject or treat with apathy; they should embrace it.

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Could autonomy, mastery and purpose be the keys to motivating students?

Teachers are preparing students for a world in which the jobs increasingly require problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. Many schools are trying to mirror that sort of thinking in the classroom, but many students have very little autonomy, mastery or purpose with which to develop intrinsic motivation.

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New alliance provides high school students with electronic academic credentials

SunGard K-12 Education has selected Parchment as its premier provider for the transmission of electronic academic credentials - including transcripts - for the nearly 1,400 public school districts and charter schools using SunGard K-12’s eSchoolPLUS student information system.

Resources for students with disabilities available in OpenEd library

PowerUp WHAT WORKS resources for struggling students and those with disabilities have been added to OpenEd's library. Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, the online resource at the American Institutes for Research provides customizable materials, lesson plans, instructional strategies, videos and more.

North Carolina district adopts Cambridge program

Charlotte-Mecklenburg School district’s North Learning Community Hopewell High School feeder pattern has adopted the Cambridge International Examinations curricula for its six schools.

Hundreds of math exams invalidated as Florida

Adding to the growing list of miscues for Florida's school-testing system, nearly 800 Pasco County students had their state math end-of-course exams invalidated because proctors gave them the wrong calculators.

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New Jersey students' art depicting police brutality sets off controversy

Artwork depicting scenes of police brutality has set off a firestorm of comments from police supporters who have called the images "a gross misrepresentation." The project in question in the district art show, which featured hundreds of pieces of artwork created by K12 students, included drawings and captions depicting viewpoints on a current controversial issue chosen by students.

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Districts looking to outfit every school bus with cameras

An Alabama school bus safety bill is waiting on a signature from the governor and, if signed into law, it would allow school systems to put cameras on their buses.

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Special needs school vouchers being added to Wisconsin budget

Republicans leaders of the Wisconsin legislature’s budget writing committee say they plan to add language that would create a special needs private school voucher program.

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