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Miami-Dade Crowned Most Improved Urban District

Strong and steady won the race for Miami-Dade County Public Schools, winner of the 2012 Broad Prize for Urban Education, which recognizes large, urban school districts making gains in student achievement.

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Action for Healthy Kids

Nutrition and Physical Education experts address the issues of childhood undernourishment and obesity, and support school districts in increasing opportunities for children to conquer these issues.

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Geovisual analytics is revolutionizing district decision-making.

Find out how this new technology can inform your most important decisions.

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Pre-kindergarten Education Calendar Promotes Language

Take me outside when it's snowing. Help me find words to describe what I'm seeing, feeling and experiencing. Say the name of an animal and have me make that animal's noise. When we're reading, ask me to turn pages and predict what will happen next. It will keep me interested. These are examples of activities listed in the Nebraska State Department of Education's new pre-kindergarten education calendar, all written from a child's point of view.

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Boston School Officials Propose Converting Marshall Elementary into Charter School

Boston school officials announced today that they intend to tap an education-management company to convert the Marshall Elementary School in Dorchester into a charter school next fall, under a proposal to boost student achievement at the academically struggling school.

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Solutions Products and Short Throw Projectors make learning faster and teaching easier

Find out about the new products designed for compatibility with high performance projectors and for better productivity in your classroom!

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Healthy Steps Forward

Dannon Institute and District Administration have teamed up to provide important information on school wellness policies and improving student health.

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Popularity in School Leads to Higher Paychecks Later, Study Says

Those considered popular in secondary school earned 2% more decades later than oddballs such as Napoleon Dynamite – a so-called popularity premium. So says a new analysis of data from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study, which follows more than 10,000 people who graduated from the blackboard jungle in Wisconsin in 1957.

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Maine School Insurance Data Lawsuit Dropped

The Maine Education Association has dropped its lawsuit targeting a law requiring insurers, health maintenance organizations and other medical service organizations to provide information concerning a school unit’s insurance claims history.

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