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California Middle School Decides Girls’ Leggings Must Be Covered

How tight is too tight for school? Administrators and teachers at a middle school in Petaluma, Calif., are asking themselves this question as they implement a new dress code policy around girls’ form-fitting pants. Kenilworth Junior High has been making national news for prohibiting girls from wearing tight-fitting pants because they’re “distracting to teenage boys,” according to KTVU-TV.

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The Marcus Whitman District (Gorham, N.Y.) Appoints Superintendent

The Marcus Whitman Central School District Board of Education has appointed a new superintendent of schools. Jeramy Clingerman, principal of Waterloo High School, was appointed at the board’s meeting Monday. Clingerman replaces Michael Chirco, who will be retiring from the district July 1 after five years.

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School Funding Issues Can't Be Fixed Locally

I find the the guest editorials from the Saratogian which ran in the Gazette on April 3 to be poorly informed. I realize this was on the opinion page, where any opinion can be printed, but I would think that a responsible publication would not want to propagate false information. Here are my personal opinions. They do not necessarily represent the total Lew-Port Board of Education, but they are factual.

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Four Oklahoma School Safety Bills Await Gov. Fallin's Signature

Four bills authored by House Speaker T.W. Shannon related to the issue of school safety passed full votes in the House Thursday. Speaker Shannon and President Pro Tempore Brian Bingman and Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb said they created the Oklahoma Commission on School Security in the wake of the Newtown, Conn., shootings.

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West Genesee (N.Y.) School Board Sends Proposed Budget to Voters

The West Genesee School Board Wednesday approved a $73.2 million budget for 2013-2014 that will increase the tax bill for a $100,000 home in Camillus by $42.70. Voters will be asked to approve the budget in voting on May 21 and to approve the district’s purchase of six 70-passenger school buses and four 29-passenger buses. The proposed budget is a 4.1 percent increase over the current spending plan of $70.4 million.

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Rangeley Lakes (Maine) Regional School District Hires New Superintendent

The superintendent of a five-town midcoast school district in Maine has been hired by the Rangeley Lakes Regional School District. Susan Pratt, who has led RSU 40 for two years, was hired by the Rangeley school board on Tuesday night, according to Board Vice Chairwoman Jennifer Farmer. Pratt will serve as Rangeley’s superintendent as well as the principal of its 200-student K12 school.

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Parents Choose L.A. Unified-Charter Partnership to Run School

Parents at 24th Street Elementary School have overwhelmingly chosen a partnership between the Los Angeles Unified School District and a charter operator to run the persistently low-performing Jefferson Park campus.

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How School Lunches Can Help Fight Obesity

Federally funded school lunches — long derided as unhealthy or unappetizing — may have a role in curbing childhood obesity rates, after all … if they are done correctly. Students who receive such lunches as part of the National School Lunch Program are often from disadvantaged backgrounds, and are at a higher risk of obesity as it is. Many health experts have asked whether these free lunches just make matters worse.

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Private School Tax Credits Approved by Texas Senate Panel

Texas' Senate Education Committee on Thursday approved a private school tax credit bill that would allow about 10,000 students in low-performing schools to attend private or religious schools at state expense. The measure by Sen. Dan Patrick, R-Houston, was approved on a 5-0 vote of the committee, with four other members who were either opposed or lukewarm to the proposal absent.

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