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Major Urban Areas Have Hundreds Of Vacant Schools, Report Says

Hundreds of schools in the nation's largest cities are sitting empty as education officials struggle to sell these potentially valuable properties that are a drain on school district finances, according to a study released Monday.

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Chicago Schools Address Safety After Newtown Shootings

Wilmette and Winnetka school officials have joined educators across the country in the weeks following the Sandy Hook massacre by taking a long look in the mirror.

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Wash. Senators Back $544M for Schools

The Washington state Senate voted unanimously Monday to authorize $544 million in bonds for school construction projects, including $10 million for security upgrades spurred by the deadly Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

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Ohio Auditor Identifies Four More Schools that 'Scrubbed' Attendance Records

Republican state Auditor Dave Yost called on lawmakers and education officials to change the way they determine school attendance for state funding and increase oversight of districts after nine were caught manipulating enrollment numbers.

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Training for Tragedy

Critical challenges for school psychologists.

Report: Detroit Public Schools Authorized Charter Schools Among Lowest Performing Statewide

Charter schools authorized by Grand Valley State University have the best academic track record; while schools authorized by Detroit Public Schools have the worst, according to a report being discussed by the State Board of Education.

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Miami-Dade School Board to Vote on Raises, Immigration Study

School Board members may approve pay raises for hundreds of employees today, including some of the district’s senior-most administrators.

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