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eBOARD's Evaluation Module Now Supports Wider Variety of Leadership Evaluations

eBOARDsolutions announces a major update to the eBOARD Evaluation module. The Evaluation module, created to help streamline and align leadership evaluations now accommodates a wider variety of leadership evaluation templates including complex models that include rubrics and multi-layer evaluations.

Why Teaching Civic Engagement is Essential

Teaching the fundamentals of American government builds the foundation for more engaged citizens in the future.

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Children’s Physical Activity Guidelines

Dr. Gregory Welk communicates the necessity of daily physical activity for children, provides guidelines for meeting daily activity requirements, and discusses the positive correlation between physical activity and classroom learning.

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Baton Rouge School District Sees Drop In Student Population

The nine schools in the greater Baton Rouge area managed by the state-run Recovery School District have collectively lost more than 850 students compared with a year ago, according to preliminary enrollment numbers.

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Schools' Fiscal Health A Key Issue In Woodland Board Race

Fiscal stability, experience and student performance are key themes in the race for Woodland Joint Unified School District trustees.

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Report: Most Wash. School Kitchens Clean, Safe

School cafeteria kitchens in Washington serve about 500,000 lunches a day. Given that volume, you might expect school kitchens to rack up a fair number of health department violations.

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Families' Transfer Suits In Doubt After St. Louis School District Gets Partial Accreditation

The outcome of five years of fighting by St. Louis families who wanted their failing schools to pay to send their children to accredited suburban districts has been thrown into greater doubt after the city schools received partial accreditation last week.

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Ga. Charter Schools Association Faulted for Political Email

The Georgia Charter Schools Association has come under criticism for sending an email to school leaders asking for their help as the organization tried to arrange what appears to be a political ad.

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Texas Schools Differ on Use of 'Dixie'

For two Central Texas school districts, football games have revived an old debate about the Old South - whether to play "Dixie."

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Ill. Elementary Schools Welcome International Educators

Carbondale Elementary School District 95 welcomed three international school administrators as part of the 2012-2013 Adminstrator Exchange Program.

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