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Fla. school's pilot program evades class size caps with blended learning

A pilot program at a Florida middle school designed to help students learn career skills and free up teachers to better understand the new Florida standards has an added benefit — it doesn't have to follow the state's class-size law since it is a blended learning program.

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Youths must be trained for high-tech jobs

Our leaders must not only support STEM education, but those who create jobs and drive growth in a technology-based economy. Through public and private STEM education initiatives, we can prepare young Americans for prosperous 21st-century careers in an ever-growing high-tech marketplace.

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Education's role in raising ethical digital citizens

Our responsibilities to children have changed dramatically as technology options and social media channels have exploded, providing a new platform for curriculum in our classrooms and conversations on our playgrounds. Today, access to both quality and questionable content can seem limitless and it can be difficult to keep up with the rapidly changing digital world in which our children live and learn.

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Broadband audit shows low usage in Idaho schools

A new audit shows that slightly more than half of schools surveyed aren't using the equipment purchased through Idaho's pricey broadband network and that nearly 6 percent of the videoconferencing equipment can't be located.

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Tech school refinancing yields quarter-million-dollar windfall for Pa. district

Savings from a recent bond refinancing by Dauphin County Technical School will actually amount to just over $1.6 million — $600,000 more than projected — for the six school districts that send students to the technical school.

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High school dropout to launch tech accelerator for teen startup founders

The lack of summer camps or accelerator programs focused on developing high school-aged entrepreneurs prompted Eddy Zhong to drop out of high school to launch his second business venture. Leangap, which will debut this summer, is an entrepreneurship accelerator program that helps students ages 14 to 18 conceptualize and launch their businesses.

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A learning curve on student privacy for lawmakers

Teachers and students are diving into digital learning, which offers exciting possibilities but perpetually new privacy challenges. North Carolina should catch up quickly with its privacy rules, and Congress should move forward with President Barack Obama's proposals to safeguard student data in the classroom and at home. There's little that's slow about the digital universe. Our lawmakers need to keep up.

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AT&T Aspire debuts education technology accelerator

AT&T’s Aspire Accelerator for education technology ventures will support select companies and nonprofits with a customized program that includes financial investment, expert services and mentorship.

Curriculum Associates launches new math app

Curriculum Associates has expanded its i-Ready Diagnostic & Instruction mobile family of products with the launch of Door 24 Plus, a new educational game for the iPad that promotes computational fluency.

Georgia county faced with huge tech cost increase with E-rate changes

One Georgia county's board of education will soon see technology costs increase at an alarming rate. Decatur County says changes to the federally administered E-rates system means the county loses billions of dollars in funds.

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