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Will Oregon stand for student privacy or cave to the tech industry?

The amended Oregon Student Information Protection Act contains loopholes that would allow third-party service providers to share students’ personal information without any privacy requirements for recipients of that information. These and other proposed amendments put the economic interests of private industry ahead of what’s best for kids.

Can software spot a great essay?

As Common Core standards require students to write extensively across the curriculum, automatic assessment tools can help ease the grading burden for teachers. More districts are using online writing assessment tools to save teachers time and to give students writing practice that includes immediate analysis.

Merger could create Georgia's top dual enrollment program

Moultrie Technical College and Southwest Georgia Technical College will be doing more than merging campuses, staffs and administrations this summer. When that happens, the new college will boast some of the highest dual enrollment numbers in Georgia with over 1,000 high school students.

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Technology could eliminate snow days

The concept of holding class online when bad weather strikes is gaining traction nationwide as more school districts provide take-home technology to students in 1-to-1 programs.

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Almost 40 percent of minority teens want tech careers, research finds

A strong appetite for tech pursuits exists among minority students, but confidence in the skills required for these careers and access to the opportunities that would make them attainable is still lacking, according to a new Creating IT Futures Foundation survey.

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New collaboration offers inner city children with technical opportunity

VUID, Inc. signed a new partnership with Coded by Kids that will provide disadvantaged, inner-city children with an opportunity to put their developer skills to use in workplace internships.

Prioritize computer literacy

With the need for jobs in software engineering and networking expanding and interest in computer science growing, educators and legislators from states all across the United States have begun proposing that computer programming be considered part of foreign language requirements at the high school level.

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Indiana needs to invest in STEM education

Exposing youngsters to STEM areas in the early grades, keeping that interest alive through exceptional teaching, and ensuring that students take rigorous high school courses, are important strategies for increasing the number of students who will be drawn to STEM professions.

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LAUSD should try again on supplying computers

LAUSD must buy more technology; its students would be left woefully behind the college-and-employment curve without it. The current lack of funding for a massive iPad purchase creates a much-needed time-out, though, so that the district can do it right next time.

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House supports letting S.D. districts levy tax for tech schools

South Dakota school districts could help fund public technical institutes by earmarking a fraction of the capital-outlay taxes they otherwise spend on their own buildings and programs, under a plan endorsed by the state House of Representatives.

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