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Two education-targeted Chromebooks launched by Acer

Acer expanded its line of Chromebooks for the education market with two new models. Acer Chromebook C910's large display is a good fit for labs and classrooms where it may be shared by multiple students while Acer C740's compactness is ideal for the students' portability needs in 1-to-1 programs.

SMART enhances collaborative learning software

SMART Technologies Inc.'s Notebook 2015 collaborative learning software will be released in April. The latest version offers several new features, including the lesson activity builder and concept mapping.

One username, one password

As more school leaders adopt cloud-based technology to support educator and student achievement, the need for efficient processes to run student and teacher accounts increases. Curriculum and technology specialists must work together to see that information systems make materials accessible.

Locking down student data

The increasing shift to online learning and collaboration has created new concerns around student privacy. Keeping data as secure in the cloud as it would be in a locked file cabinet requires communication, diligence and strong policies.

LiteManager launches new remote access software version

LiteManager 4.6 enables teachers to demonstrate an action to all students by sharing the instructor's desktop on the students' remote computers. The demonstration mode can also be used in distance learning via the Internet.

A new interactive picture book app released by Star Tale

Star Tale is a new interactive picture book brand by WiseKids. The first launch includes nine apps for the fairy tale series, which supports seven different languages and customized reading modes.

Sky Factory launches smart digital cinema virtual window

Sky Factory’s Digital Cinema Virtual Window, eScape, combines real-time moving images and sound in Full HD in a simpler integrated platform that features an intuitive on-screen menu, easy to order plug and play content, and no longer requires an external playback unit.

Tech, online options for South Carolina schools

For decades, South Carolina has struggled to provide better education to rural students and address failing schools. Greater collaboration with the state’s burgeoning manufacturing and tech industries could provide a fresh way for students to develop practical skills.

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The cruel waste of America’s tech talent

We grant roughly 85,000 H1B visas for immigrants with special skills. Yet we overlook a generation of undocumented students who are deemed foreigners but who grew up here and plan to stay. At a time when science and technology prowess will be critical to this country’s growth, we can’t afford to squander the homegrown brainpower of these students.

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California district secures over $200,000 for tech education

The Glendale USD's board accepted $219,000 in federal money that will support career-technical education programs throughout Glendale’s middle schools and high schools. This year, the funds will support students taking on digital media and engineering with an emphasis on robotics and forensic science.

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