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FableVision Learning and Lulu Jr. partner to tackle writing challenges

My Awesome Publishing Company!, a new web-based writing and book publishing platform, has been developed by FableVision Learning and Lulu.com. The K8-focused online platform will be hosted by FableVision's founder and children's book author/illustrator Peter H. Reynolds.

Mobile app for managing schools debuted by CenterManage

Schools can use the app to manage students' data, send assignments and photos, and communicate with students and parents over email, SMS or via the app itself. The software also can manage fees, identity cards and library operations, among other functions.

New upgrade launched by CRS Advanced Technology

SubFinder elite Version 1 offers web-based scheduling capabilities to assist in the management of block and rolling schedules. The upgrade also includes user-specific dashboards, a totally redesigned report engine, and a message center.

New app from FreshGrade facilitates learning collaboration

The launch of the new FreshGrade mobile app will allow teachers to capture and document more learning in the classroom with features such as three-way collaboration, mobile account management, and picture, audio, video or anecdotal note taking.

President proposes better protection of student data

President Barack Obama has proposed the Student Data Privacy Act, which would prohibit technology firms from profiting from information collected in schools as teachers adopt tablets, online services and internet-connected software.

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A field guide for implementing blended learning

Blended learning is poised to transform education as we know it. We know the what and the why, but it’s not often we learn how. In their book, Blended, Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools, Michael Horn and Heather Staker lay out the components of successful blended learning programs, and challenge readers to create a culture that can make these innovations succeed.

Class around the clock

In many ways, the coming advancements in professional development mirror the trends in classroom instruction: personalization, real-world practice and greater opportunities through blended and online learning.

Teachers will embrace students’ smartphone addiction in 2015

Many schools began to adopt technology as an embedded, natural part of teaching and learning in 2014. This year is when institutions will consolidate their positions and settle on solutions for adoption. As this happens, technology will become an intrinsic part of the learning process rather than an afterthought.

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Intelitek releases new robotics curriculum for middle school

Intelitek released Exploring Robotics, a nine-week course featuring an integrated hardware, software and e-learning curriculum. The curriculum, which aligns to Next Generation Science Standards, incorporates project-based STEM learning.

Huge Sanford school project goes to city’s voters

Sanford may be the site of the most expensive school construction project in Maine's history if residents vote mid-January to accept $92 million in state funds for a new high school and technical center.

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