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Indian Springs High School students learn high-tech manufacturing

Forget wood shop and auto shop: Students at San Bernardino City Unified’s Indian Springs High School are going to learn computer-aided design of prosthetic limbs, print them on high-end 3D printers and finish the end result.

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Waukee schools to use new technology to screen visitors

Waukee will become the latest Iowa school district to install a high-tech software program, called the Raptor Visitor Management System, that screens visitors to ensure they are not in the national database for sex offenders.

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Franklin Special School District wants more tech help

FSSD in Tennessee will seek another instructional technology specialist to support and lead educators and students. These specialists help integrate technology within daily lessons; one will focus on prekindergarten through fourth grade and the other grades 5-8.

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Old disciplines, new tech help top elementary school soar

Math movies. Yoga. Thanksgiving e-books. Don’t expect the typical at Stonegate Elementary, where teachers are told to try anything that might kindle the flame of student success. That’s the mantra of Principal Stan Machesky and his staff: innovative teachers inspire not only through the creative tools they craft, but by being models of learning that students can emulate.

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Utah school technology price tag as much as $750M

Utah House Speaker Becky Lockhart unveiled her plan to invest up to $300 million for technology in schools, but a soon-to-be released report suggests the price tag to put devices in every Utah student’s hands might actually be much steeper. A draft of the report, from a work group associated with the Governor’s Education Excellence Commission, pegs the cost of 1-to-1 devices in Utah schools at as much as $750 million for the first year.

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Indiana redefines the classroom with new tech high schools

New tech high schools are booming in Northeast Indiana. The area is known for its defense and manufacturing industries. To retain those sectors, these schools have found a way to keep young talent by teaching skills that will create opportunities and career advancement within the community.

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A push to boost computer science learning, even at an early age

A handful of nonprofit and for-profit groups are working to address what they see as a national education crisis: Too few of America's K12 public schools actually teach computer science basics and fewer still offer it for credit. It's projected that in the next decade there will be about 1 million more U.S. jobs in the tech sector than computer science graduates to fill them. And it's estimated that only about 10 percent of K12 schools teach computer science.

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House education panel delves into vo-tech credits

Alaska's House Education Committee is looking into funding aspects of an education bill by Gov. Sean Parnell that would allow vocational credits to be counted as high school credits for participating students. Under the bill, the 10 vocational schools involved must have an agreement in place with high schools that send students into their program or face a 20 percent reduction in state funding.

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