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Intelitek releases new robotics curriculum for middle school

Intelitek released Exploring Robotics, a nine-week course featuring an integrated hardware, software and e-learning curriculum. The curriculum, which aligns to Next Generation Science Standards, incorporates project-based STEM learning.

Huge Sanford school project goes to city’s voters

Sanford may be the site of the most expensive school construction project in Maine's history if residents vote mid-January to accept $92 million in state funds for a new high school and technical center.

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Five career-tech education bills effective in New Jersey

A package of five bills directed at high school technical programs, signed into law by Governor Chris Christie last month, set new standards for career-technical programs in New Jersey, including dual-enrollment programs with public colleges.

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Should computer science classes be required?

Computer science is an extremely versatile tool. The ability to independently run a business or an organization is increasingly more important than having a formal education in terms of earning and then succeeding in a job. Having some kind of programming background — especially in creating websites — is almost imperative.

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PebbleGo Science database incorporates more STEM content

Capstone is transforming its PebbleGo Earth and Space database to PebbleGo Science. In addition to covering earth and space content, the database now also supports the core concepts of physical science, life science, and engineering, technology and applied sciences.

New tech high school approved in Minnesota

The St. Cloud school district, after a 10-year debate about the future of Technical High School, will advance plans for a new high school. Architects' estimates suggest the facility could cost $100 million or more.

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Regional tech school discussions underway in Maryland

Early discussions about a possible new regional engineering technology high school are under way. The school would pool resources from five counties to better prepare students for careers in manufacturing and engineering, while making the region’s workforce more attractive to potential businesses.

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Palo Alto school district, Palantir partner to teach coding

New after-school classes, the result of a new partnership between the Palo Alto school district, Palantir and the city of Palo Alto, aim to teach a select group of low-income high school students how to code and about potential career paths in technology.

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AT&T and Florida's local education foundations offer STEM experiences

AT&T is collaborating with the Consortium of Florida Education Foundations this school year to provide experiential learning opportunities for students from 29 school districts through 47 separate projects involving 52 local workplace partners.

Students explore space with satellite photography

In November, middle school students from around the globe had the chance to take photos of Earth from the International Space Station. Sally Ride EarthKAM is a program meant to spark student interest in STEM subjects through photographing the earth from space.