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Wake, N.C. bonds would provide new technology for classrooms

You can still smell the chalk when you walk into Zebulon Elementary School. But there are significantly fewer chalkboards now that the 30-year-old school has its 21st-century replacement—interactive whiteboards linked to computers that allow students to write on wall-mounted displays. The PTA raised money for the purchases made by the economically challenged school.

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4 tech trends that could bring back U.S. manufacturing and innovation

To keep innovating, we need to keep making things. Here's how we can reinvent the country's ability to make things, so we're not just an economy of ideas that we send overseas for others to put together.

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Flipped classes boost grades 5 percent. Is that all we can expect?

Classrooms across the nation are adopting a new technology trend known as the “flipped” classroom, where students watch lecture videos as homework and teachers use class-time for discussion. First popularized by YouTube sensation Sal Khan three years ago, the flipped model gained traction far faster than researchers had time to study it.

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What we can learn from Rupert Murdoch, News Corp., and Amplify

Since News Corp. may be the only organization with sufficient economic muscle and distribution know-how to make a difference in education, I feel that, unless a disagreeable political or moral stance is explicitly present in Amplify, then those issues shouldn't influence my evaluation of the tablet and its content.

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NewSchools invests $1.6M in three Boston-area charter schools

NewSchools Venture Fund’s Boston Charter School Replication Fund announced its investment of $1.6 million in three charter management organizations. These ventures will improve the quality of education to underserved K12 students.

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AWE partners with Pa. district on blended learning for kindergarteners

AWE, Inc., provider of digital learning solutions for preK-3, has partnered with Meadowview Elementary School in Georgia to create a blended learning environment in kindergarten classrooms.

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Texas ed chief approves new San Antonio charter schools

Texas Education Commissioner Michael Williams approved an Arizona-based charter school's application to operate a network of five charter schools in San Antonio. Carpe Diem Schools, which has campuses in Yuma, Ariz., and in the Midwest, wants to establish five San Antonio locations, each accommodating about 300 students in grades six through 12.

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Oklahoma foundation holds fundraiser to purchase school technology

The Stillwater Public Education Foundation launched its Tech-to-Teach campaign, a fundraising effort to raise $50,000 to equip every classroom in the district with projectors, document cameras, and other STEM-related instructional tools. The foundation announced it will jump start the campaign with a $25,000 contribution.

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St. Louis education tech startup looking to raise $1 million

Crazy For Education, the flip teaching platform that’s free for teachers and students, is looking to raise $1 million. The company plans to sell its existing library to as many as a million students worldwide. That projection would give Crazy For Education about $60 million per year in revenue.

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2013 Missouri CTO Clinic

November 7, 2013

St. Louis, Mo.