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AASL’s school library research examines social media policies and librarian staffing

Two new research articles covering the topics of public school district social media policies and the correlation between librarian staffing levels and student learning are now available online as part of the American Association of School Librarians’ peer-reviewed online journal, School Library Research.

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Michigan district uses online advertising to attract out-of-state students

When residents of Macomb County, Mich., tune into Pandora internet radio, they may be surprised to hear ads selling something quite different from landscaping, new cars or home repair services.

Watch the response to the school data breach

The discovery this past week of the exposure of highly confidential Loudoun County Public Schools student and staff information should alarm everyone in the Virginia county. It raises serious concerns about the technical expertise of LCPS staff and the security protocols it and its contractors for technology services have in place.

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Searching for the intelligent use of technology

Bill Gates, the Common Core’s godfather and a personalized learning advocate, touts the “intelligent use of technology to develop innovative learning models and personalized educational pathways.” Inconveniently, on its pathway to a world where children access their education through a “personalized class portal homepage,” the technology express has veered off the rails.

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5 trends to watch in 2014

Something that has become abundantly clear in recent years is that whether your future seems bright or dim depends on where you live. Young people in Europe, for example, are facing an extremely tough time and face the prospect of being less prosperous than their parents' generation. But for their counterparts in India or China, expectations are entirely different, with many of them looking forward to a higher income than their parents.

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Albany-area students providing technology aid in Haiti

Eight Tech Valley High School students will travel to Haiti to provide aid and learn science. Students will teach farmers how to build solar powered dehydrators and how to take inventory of the mango trees in the area.

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African Americans and technology use

This report on African Americans and technology is the first in a series of demographic snapshots of technology use and adoption among different groups of adults in the United States.

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Social media update 2013

Some 73 percent of online adults now use a social networking site. Facebook is the dominant social networking platform in the number of users, but a strikingly large number of users are now diversifying onto other platforms.

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ClassFlow uncomplicates your classroom

Ever listen to a technology demonstration where the introduction takes forever, and the actual presentation starts your eyes blinking uncontrollably, and even your hair hurts trying to understand? Most times we make technology too difficult by making it too complicated.

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How flipping classes saved a teacher’s career

Four years into his fifth grade teaching career in a small rural district in Texas, Todd Nesloney felt burned out and ready to quit. Like many young educators, he had become frustrated and disillusioned with the state of teaching in the public school system. Then a colleague asked if he’d ever heard of flipping.

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