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Parents ask what's the rush on Madison schools' $31 million tech plan

A west side community group is asking the Madison Metropolitan School District in Wisconsin to slow down a controversial $31 million, five-year 1-to-1 computing tech plan. But another parent-teacher group is urging the board to move ahead with the tech plan to close what one parent calls an embarrassing technology gap between Madison and other districts.

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Giant tablets, 3D printers among top school technology for 2014

The Bett show in London is where the best new technology for the world's classrooms makes its public debut. CNET has been cruising the show floor, casting eyes over the top tech trends, which this year include enormous touch screens, 3D printers and programmable robots.

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High-speed link will put school tech on par

Windsor-Severance Re-4 School District in Windsor, Colo., is tapping reserve accounts to fund a $600,000 fiber-optic connection between Windsor and Severance. Severance Middle School and Range View Elementary will get major technology upgrades in the process. There are 1,200 students at the two schools, or about 25 percent of the district population.

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Mt. Vernon district looks at new high school's $2M tech budget

Initial estimates of $2 million are being reported as what it will take to equip the proposed Mt. Vernon Township High School in Illinois with technology. The funding will equip the school with fiber, Wi-Fi, servers, a surveillance system, alarms and more. The estimate includes labor and equipment costs, but not computers, which will be leased separately.

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Elizabeth Forward schools recognized for high-tech efforts

A push to promote the fundamentals of STEM education has propelled the Elizabeth Forward School District in Pennsylvania to elite status among national technology and education organizations. In only three years, the district has transformed spaces in the high school and middle school into high-tech learning centers, taken computer programming classes down to the elementary level and much more.

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N.D. education technology board names new director

The North Dakota board responsible for developing technology systems for elementary and secondary education has named Jody French as its new director. The North Dakota Educational Technology Council says French is a former elementary school teacher who has been director of the state's EduTech program for the past 16 years.

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Why Instagram is a good tool for a school

One of the benefits of Instagram that I think gets overlooked by students and teachers is that, by Instagramming, you're building a library of pictures you own and can re-use whenever and wherever you want.

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Explaining the power of student personalized learning networks

The following discussion between Lisa Nielsen, a public school educator and blogger, and fellow educator Ann S. Michaelsen, provides insight into the importance of supporting students in the development of personalized learning networks. It also offers examples of how such a practice could be integrated into your curriculum.

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Sample social media guidelines

Use these sample guidelines—including sections about privacy, honesty and copyright laws—as examples to help create an environment in your school or district where social media use is promoted in a healthy way.

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Personalized progress: How tech model is driving achievement

Personalized learning is beginning to produce positive results in student achievement as it becomes more established in districts nationwide. These success stories are encouraging more districts to adopt the tech-heavy learning model that’s designed to customize education for each student.