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Massachusetts can lead in computer science education

Massachusetts could become one of the first states to make a financial commitment to developing state computer science standards and curriculums. We are at a rare juncture where business and government can come together to prepare our state and our workers for the future. We must seize this opportunity.

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Illuminating the ed tech market for small- to medium-sized school systems

Education technology companies often overlook the priorities and circumstances of small- to medium-sized public school systems. A recent Clayton Christensen Institute report showed that, regardless of what vendors think or want, schools are cobbling solutions together from a variety of software providers.

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Four tech positions to be added in California district

The Hollister School District is adding new technology and teacher support jobs, including four site-specific technology specialists. Under the state's new funding formula, the district will get $3.78 million more in 2014-2015 than it received this school year.

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Career, tech education crucial in Michigan

The legislature recently acted to pass legislation that fixes some of the unintended consequences of the Michigan Merit Curriculum, which was designed to provide students with the skills they need to be successful in the future. In practice, the curriculum proved to do just the opposite for a large segment of our students, leading to a skills gap that has slowed our state’s economic growth.

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Mass. foundation partners with district on tech integration

Winchester Foundation for Educational Excellence is partnering with Winchester Public Schools on a new campaig called "powerED Up, Transforming Classrooms." It designed to ensure the seamless integration of technology into each school. The foundation is kicking off the campaign with a $100,000 gift to address inadequate network infrastructure in Winchester schools. The three-year private fundraising goal is $850,000.

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Kansas districts rewarded for increasing tech ed participation

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback presented districts with checks for increasing participation in the state’s Career and Technical Education program, which covers tuition for students taking technical courses and rewards school districts with $1,000 for every student that obtains an industry certification. More than 8,000 students participated statewide.

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Google invests $50 Million to close the tech gender gap

Google launched a $50 million initiative, Made With Code, to teach young girls how to code. In its research, Google has found that there were four major factors that determined whether girls opted into computer science: social encouragement, self-perception, academic exposure and career perception.

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High schoolers are increasingly pursuing STEM studies in college

In high schools around the country, more departing seniors are electing to study computer science, mathematics, engineering and science in college than are graduates of just a few years ago. The increase also reflects the emphasis that school and business leaders have been placing on better preparing students for a future in which virtually every occupation has embraced technology.

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New York's P-TECH names school principal

P-TECH, New York's new technology-infused college and career-training program for high school students, has hired Natasha Walkowicz Shea as its new principal. Most recently, she was the principal of Greenwood Lake Elementary School in Orange County. Walkowicz Shea's new job and the new school are funded by a $2.1 million grant intended to get the P-TECH program off the ground over the next few years.

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Maximizing PLC time to improve classes

Many schools have professional learning communities and time is set aside for groups of teachers to collaborate, to work on district initiatives and be agents of change in the schools. Simply giving teachers support and time to create shared video resources for their students could be a key to facilitating significant improvement in our schools.