District CIO

Connecticut's Franklin district looks to hire new tech position

The Franklin School Department in Connecticut is requesting $30,000 to hire an additional technology specialist, saying the position will help with the transition into the new high-tech Franklin High School.

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Michigan school prepares students for high-tech auto jobs

By the time Brad Foley graduated from high school in 2012, he’d made a bicycle that served as an alternative energy source, providing enough power to light its own turn signals. He'd also helped craft a model of an eco-friendly dashboard for cars. He was well prepared for his part-time job helping to design plastic molds at Hi-Tech Mold & Eng., a Rochester Hills, Mich., supplier to automotive companies.

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Pa. district official wants high-tech recording devices on school buses

Easton Area School District buses might have digital recording devices by the time students return from holiday break next year. Chief Operating Officer Mike Simonetta proposes that the district replace its school bus camera equipment with digital recorders by January. He said about 60 of the district's 95 active buses still use VHS recorders.

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How two struggling schools got two different results with ed tech

By now, many educators understand that technology has the potential to transform teaching and learning. But the term “technology” covers vast territory, and there are many different layers and ways of integrating it from school to school.

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ISTE 2014

June 28-July 1, 2014

Atlanta, Ga.

CoSN 2014 Annual Conference

March 19-22, 2014

Washington, D.C.

2013 Missouri CTO Clinic

November 7, 2013

St. Louis, Mo.

A new collaborative CIO culture emerges in schools

Just five years ago, a student information system was used to take attendance and add or change grades. The tech director chose one, installed it and, in about two minutes, showed teachers how to use it. Now, it’s a portal teachers use to send assignments and communicate with students.

SETDA Leadership Summit and Educational Forum

November 3-6, 2013

Arlington, Va.

The costs, time, and technology of Common Core implementation

As widespread adoption of the Common Core State Standards moves ever closer, the initiative is coming under attack from both the left and right. But school district leaders must ignore the politics and focus on the practical realities of implementation: costs, technology, and training.