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Kansas school district accepts land for tech ed center

The Lawrence, Kan., school board has formally accepted title to 11 acres of land that will become the site of a new technical education center for high school students. The school is part of an effort to expand job training and career preparation programs.

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Parents are kept in the loop on new classroom technology

During the December school committee meeting, Scituate Public Schools' technology integration specialists John Mills and Darlene Foley gave a presentation on methods to inform parents and families on the technology being used by the Massachusetts district.

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Grant provides $5K for technology at California elementary school

Elementary school educators and students at Clover Flat Elementary School will be getting better acquainted with the digital age thanks to the Barona Band of Mission Indians, who provided a grant that will pay for an iMac desktop, two MacBook pro laptops and two Canon camcorders.

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What school tech staffs did during the holiday break

Work speeds up around the holidays for employees of technology departments in schools and businesses across the country, while it slows for the people they serve. It’s a time when few will complain if tech workers interrupt Internet access or shut down email servers to make upgrades.

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Ed tech, activism are reinventing education says '30 under 30'

This is the era of the edupreneur, when being a K12 or higher ed professional can mean anything from cofounding a start-up with excess of $50 million in funding or launching a venture that uses the Kickstarter model to fund classrooms and libraries in at-risk communities in the U.S. and abroad. The 30 Under 30 in education are in the forefront of this revolution.

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Tech companies combatting computer science ed gap at Virginia school

Three numbers are written on the board in Doug Poland's classroom at Stone Bridge High School in Ashburn, Va.: two, four and six. "You have one guess to figure out the rule," he tells his advanced placement computer science class.

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Electronic Arts founder launches anti-bullying educational game

Since stepping down as CEO of Digital Chocolate in 2012, Trip Hawkins, who founded video game company Electronic Arts, has been focusing his attention on If You Can Company, a start-up that creates educational anti-bullying games for 6- to 12-year-olds.

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Assistive technology aids special education

Personal technology such as iPads, notebook-size word processors and electronic pens that scan words and display definitions are helping Arizona special-education students keep up in class this year.

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Forbes writer calls Salman Khan most influential person in ed tech

I have had the good fortune of speaking with several leaders in education technology today, and many of them acknowledge that the most influential person on the MOOC landscape has been Salman Khan.

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The different faces of blended learning

School administrators overwhelmed by the idea of blended learning need not fear: many districts have successfully implemented one of four models now widely accepted in K12 education. Even more encouraging, some of these schools are seeing increased achievement, lower dropout rates and other positive results.