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Forbes writer calls Salman Khan most influential person in ed tech

I have had the good fortune of speaking with several leaders in education technology today, and many of them acknowledge that the most influential person on the MOOC landscape has been Salman Khan.

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The different faces of blended learning

School administrators overwhelmed by the idea of blended learning need not fear: many districts have successfully implemented one of four models now widely accepted in K12 education. Even more encouraging, some of these schools are seeing increased achievement, lower dropout rates and other positive results.

myON celebrates third anniversary with more than 3 million readers

To commemorate its third birthday, myON, a business unit of Capstone, is excited to announce that more than 3 million learners nationwide are reading on the myON platform.

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2014 AAAS Annual Meeting

February 13, 2014

Chicago, Ill.

Illinois school boards to discuss STEM agreement

The John C. Dunham STEM Partnership School at Aurora University in Illinois will cost an estimated $2.3 million a year to operate. The STEM school, which will serve 200 third- to eighth-grade students from East Aurora, West Aurora, Oswego 308 and Indian Prairie 204, will focus on STEM education.

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S.C. education leaders want $30M for schools to go wireless

The South Carolina Education Oversight Committee has a big request of state lawmakers this year—to spend $30 million on technology to help all public school buildings across the state go wireless. As online tools have increasingly become part of instruction, committee members want students to be able to use mobile technology anywhere in a school building.

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Hitachi outfits the Vancouver Public Schools with projectors

Since outfitting its schools with Hitachi projectors, Vancouver Public Schools has seen a higher level of engagement among all students. The projectors, purchased through Troxell Communications, offer capabilities such as intuitive operation and a high level of interactivity, which helps make teaching more effective and efficient while making learning more engaging.

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IBM forecasts major advances in cognitive computing

IBM has released its annual "5 in 5" list of predictions about technological innovations that will change the way we live in the next five years, with the theme being cognitive advances in computing that help machines "learn" how to better serve us.

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Farmington, Conn., district receives $350,000 tech grant

The Farmington board of education recently got more than $350,000 in grant money from the state of Connecticut. The grant will be used to continue to implement the board's technology plan, which will help the district meet the requirements for the state's new computerized Smarter Balance assessment.

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Andover High School offers student-run helpdesk

Andover High School has created a student-run help desk to assist teachers and staff at the Massachusetts school with hardware technology. The students help address issues around adding new technology such as MacBooks Pros, Apple TVs, Epson Wireless Projectors, and IPad and Macbook carts. The helpdesk also allows students to work on independent projects and make tech industry connections.

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