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Connected Educator Month


October, 2013

NeuLion helps deliver digital college, high school sports networks

NeuLion, a New York-based digital sports services company, has teamed up with MSG Varsity, Cablevision’s prep school network in the New York tri-state area, on a new multiplatform subscription service.

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Iowa schools are enhancing learning experience for 'digital natives'

Willowwind School is going mobile. The private Iowa City school is piloting a new program this year where every fifth- and sixth-grade student has an iPad. Families purchased the devices themselves and students use them at home and at school on a daily basis.

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Washington district seeks $29M building, tech levy

Voters in the Stanwood-Camano School District, on the coast of Skagit Bay, are being asked on the Nov. 5 ballot to approve a replacement tax levy of nearly $29 million.The levy, portioned out over five years, would support repairs to school buildings and upgrade computer technology throughout the Washington district.

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Is your school underrated for tech entrepreneurship?

As the managing director at a tech accelerator, I face a dilemma. I need to fund the most talented people, because they’ll be most likely to build great companies. But I also need to find the hidden gems. I’m the sort of person who’s always looking for the best deals. Let me tell you, great deals almost always come from unexpected sources.

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Education 3.0: Embracing technology to ‘jump the curve’

It may not be as exciting as “The Winds of War” or “Sharknado,” but I would argue that the role of ed tech in Education 3.0 is far more important than anything Hollywood has produced.

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How much should you spend to build an app?

A well executed mobile app idea can boost student/teacher engagement and be a beneficial tool for your district. Whether you're saving your pennies or you've got money to burn, doing your app homework first will ensure that you don't waste money or time.

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Conceptua Math announces Fact Fluency

Conceptua Math announces Fact Fluency: a new adaptive computing module for its groundbreaking math curriculum. Fact Fluency uses personalized learning algorithms along with Conceptua’s patent-pending visual models. With the introduction of Fact Fluency, Conceptua Math adds the power of adaptive learning to its rich adaptive teaching curriculum.

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School cafeterias go electronic

For decades, it was one of the iconic images of childhood: the youngster dispatched to school with lunch money squirreled tightly in his or her pocket or backpack. But perhaps for not much longer: As inevitably as slide rules once gave way to calculators, school cafeterias are embracing technological change.

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State of the portal: A 2013 review of the 50 states’ online offerings

State government internet portals first appeared in the mid-1990s. Like state capitol buildings, state portals share with their historical predecessors the intent to maintain an outpost for doing the public’s business, with the added benefit of collapsing geographical barriers and making government available at the time and place of the citizen’s choosing. This compendium provides a 50-state view of how far states have come in realizing those aspirations.

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