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How school districts are funding 1-to-1

Before 4,450 MacBook Airs were distributed to students, before teachers were equipped and trained on their own devices, before test scores increased and the dropout rate decreased, the Mooresville Graded School District’s digital conversion started with a hard look at finances—one result of which was the elimination of more than 35 teaching positions.

Blended learning programs improve student achievement

Over the past two years, a blended learning program has substantially improved AP test scores and provided dual enrollment opportunities for students at Red Clay CSD in New Castle, Del.

Students are losing sleep to texting

Freshman students feel obligated to immediately answer texts, even at the expense of losing sleep—that’s according to recent findings by Washington and Lee University’s Karla Klein Murdock in her research on the technology use of adolescents and its health effects.

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Technology helps studying but also fuels procrastination

A recent study conducted by McGraw-Hill Education found what many students could likely confirm—technology helps students study, but also encourages procrastination. According to the study, more than 50 percent of students felt “better prepared for classes” and had “improved studying efficiency” due to technologies that aided them in their studies.

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Don’t let fears stop tech reform in LA schools

The $1 billion push to provide every student and teacher at Los Angeles USD with an iPad is attracting a lot attention. Schools have been overwhelmed in recent years by oversold, ill-designed and frustrating new gizmos. Questions about whether dollars allocated to new technology are being spent wisely deserve serious consideration.

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New CTO leads tech initiative in West Contra Costa schools

Chief Technology Officer Mary Phillips joined the West Contra Costa school district last summer with one of the most important mandates facing schools nationwide: Improve education by bringing students and teachers up to date in learning technology.

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Former tech director wins international honor

Jill Pierce, the McMinn County School System's STEM coordinator and former tech director for Loudon County Schools, has been selected to take part in Microsoft's Expert Educator program, an initiative to recognize educators and schools around the world who are using technology to transform education.

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Northeast Ohio teachers learning to teach with videos

To properly teach students using technology, West Geauga Superintendent Geoffrey Palmer says that teachers must first incorporate technology into their PD. Palmer suggests hiring a technology specialist to achieve that goal.

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Louisiana district facing high costs to meet tech needs

Louisiana school districts are expected to be ready now for state-mandated online testing that begins next year, but an in-house technology assessment shows that the Rapides Parish School District still needs hundreds of thousands of dollars to get there.

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Local schools race to keep up with technology

Technology is everywhere when students at Hillview Middle School in Menlo Park, Calif., are in math class. The classroom iPads, says teacher Mike Doroquez, are "totally engaging to the kids. They love it and you can see their eyes just open when they see technology on the big screen."

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