District CIO

CoSN 2014 Annual Conference

March 19-22, 2014

Washington, D.C.

BYOD computer buyer's guide for schools

The switch to student-owned tech is not going to be a simple one, especially with tech purchasing taking place in the shadow of the impending holiday season, which means "needs" have the potential to be upstaged by "wants." Here are three questions that should help you get some clarity.

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Broadband helps education, but it isn't a panacea

Technology billionaires Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg think education turns on faster internet. But is web connectivity really the key ingredient to a good education? The majority seem to agree with that statement.

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3D-Hub and It Is 3D join forces to deliver products to ed sector

3D-Hub, a provider of interactive 3D teaching software and virtual classrooms, has partnered with It Is 3D, which supplies 3D digital technologies to educational and industrial organizations around the world.

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STI buys startup Chalkable for $10M

STI, the 30-year-old maker of education management solutions for K12 schools, has scooped up Chalkable, an education-focused app store, as more venture capital flows into the education market.

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New media campaign will highlight Iowa’s STEM education efforts

A new Iowa media campaign aims to boost awareness of the state’s efforts to encourage students to pursue STEM careers. Visiting Greenwood Elementary School in Des Moines, Gov. Terry Branstad unveiled a new logo for the STEM program, which is being led by Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds.

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Ed secretary Duncan spotlights West Caldwell Tech as model for nation

They added an hour to every school day and gave students laptops to continue their studies at home. They hired more teachers and worked with veterans and rookies alike to improve their classroom strategies. Three years later, student achievement at West Caldwell Tech has soared, with dramatic increases in state test scores, an increased graduation rate and more students applying for college.

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Strengthening the link between technology and education

Silicon Valley is widely regarded as the birthplace and nursery of digital innovation. Technology continuously arising from the Valley is substantial, and these leaps forward have fundamentally changed the way our world functions and thinks. There is a compelling argument that this model should be expanded to include education policy, where there exists a strong need to foster innovation, not limit it.

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Obama joins celebrities, politicians, tech firms to launch coding initiative

This week marks the official launch of Hours of Code, a campaign asking every U.S. teacher to dedicate one hour of class time to educating students about computer science and programming. Founded by brothers Ali and Hadi Partovi and their nonprofit Code.org, the event is timed in conjunction with Computer Science Education Week.

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2014 AAAS Annual Meeting

February 13, 2014

Chicago, Ill.