District CIO

NSTA Conference on Science Education

March 12-15, 2015
Chicago, Ill.

AASA National Conference on Education

February 26-28, 2015
San Diego, Calif.

NASSP Conference: Ignite ‘15

February 19-21, 2015
San Diego, Calif.

Is big data already tracking your kindergartner?

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who disagrees that America’s schools are in need of serious reform. And it’s an obvious leap to think technology is the fast lane to improvement. Education technology's benefits are impossible to ignore. But more technology really can do more harm than good.

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Oregon district announces new technology director

The Hermiston School District has hired Mattias Rahm as its new technology director. He will replace Bob Silva, who will be the Salem-Keizer School District's director of technology. Rahm is the current technology coordinator for the Sutherlin School District.

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What happens when kids don't have internet at home?

In Kent, Wash., about 9 percent of students can’t access the Internet once they go home. The district has installed Wi-Fi hotspot kiosks at community centers in public housing to enable its poorest students to get online. But these efforts have been fraught with difficulties, showing how hard it may be for other districts to close the digital divide.

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Pa. district schools get grant to improve technology-based learning

Bald Eagle Area School District received a $244,847 grant through the state Department of Education that is going toward tech-based products to improve the district’s STEM program, including a language arts component as part of the district’s Reading Wonders program.

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Umatilla district partnership helps spur statewide tech offerings for residents

The Oregon district is providing online technology courses for students on the subjects of coding, web design, application design and more. Partially inspired by the program's success, the state is offering the courses for free to residents.

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Seeking coders, tech titans turn to schools

The $30 million campaign to promote computer science education, financed by the tech industry, has been a success. So many students opened up a free coding tutorial that the host website crashed. But the campaign has also stirred unease about the growing influence of corporations in public schools and the motives of tech companies.

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Ohio school gets technology help from local business

Cheviot School has received computers and technology tools over the past year, but expertise on how to bring them into the classroom did not accompany the resources. A local business has teamed up with the school by sponsoring a monthly “Tech Cafe” for teachers in the school’s computer lab.

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