District CIO

How to Increase Engagement, Accountability, and Tech-Readiness

In Arizona’s rural Cottonwood Oak Creek School District, 70 percent of students receive a free or reduced-price lunch. Because many students do not have the resources at home to learn about and interact with technology, the team at Cottonwood wanted to foster improved technology skills, while also promoting student engagement in class.

Racing the iPad in K12 Education

In the move to 1:1 computing, school district leaders are increasingly looking for alternatives to traditional PCs and laptops, and for many districts, the go-to device is the iPad. But now, for a growing roster of Apple competitors, the time has come to give the iPad a run for its money.

Education Technology Success Stories

Khadijah Niazi overcame several barriers to finish her introductory physics exam online. Pakistan recently blocked access to YouTube, the site Udacity used to host its lessons. She posted a plea for help on a Udacity message board and several classmates from Malaysia, Portugal, and England attempted to find a workaround. The next day she took the final exam. Even more amazing than the technology know-how is the fact that Kadijah was 11 years old and aced the class with the highest distinction. 

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Innovative Technologies for Seamless Blended Learning Integration

Looking at the wide set of new learning opportunities from the point of view of the professionals, the speed of change and the increased demand of flexibility in being able to build knowledge and to adapt themselves to new forms of collaboration and work, the capability of successfully exploiting the increasing variety and accessibility of learning occasions and resources, becomes a crucial issue.

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Flip Your Students' Learning

When educators hear the terms flipped classroom and flipped learning, typically the first thing they think of is a teacher-created video that students watch at home, as though that were the essential ingredient. It's not. It's about how to best use in-class time with students.

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Rocco Appointed Principal of Michigan Technology Magnet School

Frank Rocco, who has been serving this year as interim principal of Kalamazoo's Woodward School for Technology and Research, has been named the school's permanent principal. Woodward is a K5 magnet school.

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CIO of CenterPoint Properties Is Incumbent in Illinois Board Election

Scott Zimmerman, the only incumbent running in the Park Ridge-Niles (Ill.) School District 64 board election, described his job as the CIO of CenterPoint Properties, as being the "head computer geek there." He feels that his technology experience can add value to the board.

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High Schoolers Gain Skills from Robotics Competition

About 5,000 high school students from 207 teams in Michigan are expected to participate in this year's FIRST Robotics Competition. The teams build robots to compete against each other as they try to win a spot in the 64-team state championship, April 11-13 at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti.

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South Carolina District Raises $190,000 for Computer Initiative

Rock Hill (S.C.) schools’ goal of putting a computer in the hands of every student would be a life changer – not only for students, but for businesses and the community at large, says Mark Edwards, superintendent of Mooresville (N.C.) Graded School District and the national school superintendent of the year.

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Top Government Spy Agency Seeks High School Computer Hackers

Carnegie Mellon University and one of the government’s top spy agencies want to interest high school students in a game of computer hacking. Their goal with “Toaster Wars” is to cultivate the nation’s next generation of cyber warriors in offensive and defensive strategies. The free, online “high school hacking competition,” open to grades 6-12, is scheduled to run from April 26 to May 6.

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