District CIO

Middle school students are earning high-tech certificates

If you needed more proof kids are getting better and better with technology, look no further than Murdock Middle School, part of the Charlotte County Public Schools in Port Charlotte, Fla. Students there are earning the same certificates as professionals working in the high-tech industry.

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Parents want schools to take better advantage of mobile

A new survey from the Learning First Alliance and Grunwald Associates suggests that parents whose children are required to use portable or mobile devices in school are more likely to see the educational value in such devices as a result of their first-hand experience.

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Tacoma (Wash.) schools may lay off technical ed teachers

Teachers in Tacoma Public Schools could be facing the first layoffs from their ranks in many years. The cuts, if they happen, will target only career and technical education (CTE) teachers, and likely no more than 10 of them. But that’s nearly 10 percent of the 108-person CTE teaching staff employed by Tacoma schools.

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Molding the next generation of computer scientists

After graduating from UC-Berkeley in 2002 with a degree in electrical engineering and computer science, Kevin Wang turned down industry jobs to teach in the Bay Area. A few years later, he got a masters degree in education from Harvard and then went to Microsoft to work as a software developer. But he couldn't stop teaching.

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High school students train for technology jobs

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been pressing his idea of a "homegrown workforce" to feed New York City's tech industry, and it is one he is trying to foster in the city's public schools. The Academy for Software Engineering, for instance, a high school in Manhattan devoted to computer science, opened in September, and the school received 1,400 applications for its next freshman class of 125.

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Maine democrats take steps against virtual charter schools

Democrats on the legislature's Education Committee voted Monday to advance three bills that would either change the certification requirements for taxpayer-financed virtual charter schools or delay their operation in Maine. They feel the state should not subsidize the for-profit entities.

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North Allegheny (Pa.) schools to make infrastructure upgrades

The North Allegheny School Board approved wiring upgrades and security measures for its buildings. Projects include replacing network infrastructure equipment, upgrading data wiring for all seven elementary schools, and installing wireless coverage in each district building.

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Director of information technology

Ridgewood Public Schools
Ridgewood, N.J.

New Hampshire's largest district installing Wi-Fi

Manchester, New Hampshire's school technology director said that by the start of the next school year, students and staff should see a new Wi-Fi network in place at all campuses across the district, as well as an upgrade to the school library system.

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New tool simplifies online project management

Shared or distributed leadership is a concept familiar to education leaders, and now a new web tool, called Pipeline, and developed by a Carnegie Mellon University researcher, looks to make the process simpler and more effective.

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