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Tennessee STEM School Technology Draws Board Attention

Hamilton County (Tenn.) school officials want to put iPads, or similar devices, in the hands of as many students as possible, as soon as possible. They say it's the wave of the future. That's why they visited the STEM "school of the future" Friday, already up and running, on the campus of Chattanooga State Community College.

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Community Foundation Grant Boosts School Tech Project

Students in the Ripon (Wis.) Area School District are benefiting from iPad technology, and several more students in the region soon will, too, thanks to a project funded in part by a grant from the Green Lake County/Ripon Community Foundation.

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Are Wisconsin's Schools Keeping Up with Technology?

Janesville's smaller neighors are on top of the latest technology. What is our district doing to keep up? Do our administrators have the necessary vision? What must be done, and how much will it cost? And would all this spending make sense?

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You Don't Need an iPad for These Web Apps

Apps are a great educational resource, but if you don’t have a tablet, smartphone, or iPod touch, you can’t really use them, right? Well, not exactly. You actually can access thousands of free and paid apps on your desktop, laptop, or netbook using Google Chrome.

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Edmodo Acquires Education Technology Start-up Root-1

K12 social learning platform Edmodo has acquired technology start-up Root-1, developers of OpenMinds, a free platform that allows teachers to instantly customize education apps.

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Georgia STEM School to Open in the Fall

A new science, technology, engineering and mathematics school will be opening in the fall at North Hall High School, Hall County, Ga. In the new STEM wing, walls will be removed and glass walls will be installed. This will allow students to view others working on robotics, metal fabrication and computer technology. There are also plans to provide a feeder program for students in middle school.

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Research Firm to Fund Technology in Central Virginia Schools

An international research institute is supporting technology programs in middle schools throughout central Virginia. Battelle, a global research and development organization, presented school superintendents with a $43,615 award to launch the new iSTEM program from its facility in the University of Virginia Research Park.

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Utah Senate Passes Slew of School Technology Bills

The Utah Senate passed more than $15 million worth of school technology-related bills on Monday, despite concerns that some of them are geared toward specific vendors and the money might be better spent on other needs.

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Texas Computer Ed Association Names Superintendent of the Year

Dr. Nola Wellman was named Superintendent of the Year by the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) Tuesday night, honored for her constant push to transform instruction to the needs and expectations of students in today's fast-paced, technology-rich environment. The award is presented to a superintendent who recognizes the importance of technology in the teaching and learning process and actively promotes the use of technology throughout the district.

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International Society for Technology in Education 2013

June 23-26, 2013

San Antonio, Texas