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Weckey releases new version of its iPad app

New features and upgrades were included in the newest version of Weckey Inc.'s smart guestbook app and visitor management system. The iPad app's new features include analytics, a custom theme builder and signable attachments.

Florida pilot program will give teens more control over schoolwork, schedule

Pinellas County will be among 10 districts nationwide receiving a college-ready learning grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The county is establishing five school-within-a-school programs and transforming an intermediate school into an “incubator school” with new technologies and personalized learning.

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Rethinking vocational high school as a path to college

For years, vocational high schools have been seen as a lesser form of schooling – tracking some kids off to work while others were encouraged to go on to college and pursue higher income professions. But things are changing. Vocational high schools are focusing much more on preparing students for higher education.

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Kids hone tech skills as Common Core exams move online

Elementary school students in New York City will soon take the state's high-stakes Common Core exams on computers rather than paper, and some schools have already started preparing kids as young as 4 years old for the shift.

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Mississippi school system launches tech initiative

This year marked the beginning of Alignment Jackson, an initiative to improve Jackson Public Schools by increasing professional development, creating teacher teams and, most popularly, providing a MacBook laptop to each ninth grader. The policy change also allows students to bring their devices like cell phones to class.

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It's time to rethink our use of technology in schools

There is evidence that where schools and colleges use technology effectively there is a correlation with better outcomes. But that is not the same as saying the technology is actually aiding learning. It is not the technology that makes a difference, it is the teachers.

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Minn. district approves iPad initiative, lays off tech employees

The Rochester School Board approved a proposal to expand its 1-to-1 iPad program to more schools. But the board is also laying off 17 staff members from the technology department. Those jobs will be cut and re-titled to 19 new positions with different descriptions, qualifications and skill sets.

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Oregon county schools get $19 million to boost classroom technology

The intergovernmental Mt. Hood Cable Regulatory Commission, which gets its money from cable companies, will pay $19 million over the next decade for the Multnomah County schools' computers, Internet connections, teacher training and other resources as part of its new TechSmart Initiative for Student Success.

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New York's school tech initiative much too vague

The state's intention to have voters approve $2 billion in spending for school technology is not a terrible idea, but the prep work has been abysmal. Voters should reject this idea and force the state to come back with a better, more tangible plan.

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